How Does Non-Surgical Nose Shaping Work?

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While many people may be unhappy with the shape of their nose, they may not necessarily want to commit to the permanent option of a surgical rhinoplasty. If your confidence is being impaired as a result of the shape of your nose, then you may want to opt for a non-surgical nose shaping procedure. But how exactly does this work?

What Is Non-Surgical Nose Shaping?

This type of procedure utilises dermal filler treatments to correct a number of defects on the nose. These dermal fillers are safe and minimally-invasive, meaning patients are not required to stay in hospital for a significant amount of time after the procedure. In addition to this, non-surgical nose shaping can provide natural results, which are still able to last a significant amount of time. Expert nose shaping Richmond and across other areas in the UK and even the world is becoming increasingly popular, as the procedure itself is simple, effective, long-lasting and minimally-invasive.

The Procedure

With much less downtime involved, non-surgical nose shaping is proving to be a popular option for many patients. The procedure itself works by specific amounts of hyaluronic acid being injected into precise areas of the nose in order to reshape and smooth out any imperfections that the patient may be experiencing. The treatment really is that simple!

What Can Be Corrected By Non-Surgical Nose Shaping?

A broad range of defects can be amended when it comes to these fillers, including:

  • Bumps or hooks on the bridge of the nose
  • Folds on the nose
  • Asymmetrical noses
  • Crooked noses
  • Flat ridges
  • Low bridges

How Long Do Non-Surgical Nose Fillers Last?

While a surgical procedure will last permanently as the bone structure in the nose is impacted, nose fillers will last up to 12-18 months, however the treatment is often much more cost-effective than a full procedure, and the natural results can still lead to improvements in confidence. The treatments themselves do not take a significant amount of time to complete, with some being carried out within 45 minutes depending on the number of fillers required, and the minimal-downtime means patients can return to their daily activities almost immediately.

What Happens After The Treatment?

As with any treatment, you are likely to experience some side effects after non-surgical nose fillers. Generally, these will be slight signs of swelling, general tenderness in and around the treated area, and also some bruising depending on the patient’s individual skin. However, the results of the treatment can be seen as soon as these side effects begin to subside - one of the major benefits of the treatment. In comparison, a traditional rhinoplasty has a number of more serious risks associated, including permanent nerve damage, bursting of small blood vessels on the surface of the skin, and under-or-over correction which will require another surgery in order to correct. The temporary nature of non-surgical nose shaping is one of the key reasons as to why a patient may opt for this over a traditional rhinoplasty surgery.

Non-surgical nose shaping is an interesting procedure which is growing extensively in popularity. With so many benefits, is this something you’re considering over a traditional nose job?

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