Gym Life: How To Rest Properly In-between Workouts

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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

You must have heard this phrase a lot in your childhood. The funny thing is, it still applies to the lifestyles that we lead today no matter what the situation is. Just like you need a weekend off from office to de-stress,you need to take a break from the gym so your body the proper rest that it needs.

I can understand that you are so addicted with the results you are getting, that the insatiable hunger won’t let you sit on the couch and you need more of it. If you continue working out for the whole week and skip rest day, you will have sore muscles, restless sleep, weak immune system and rapid mood swings. But, how do you rest when you are fully engulfed with your gym lifestyle?

Below we have got some tips for you on what you can do on your rest day to recuperate better:

1.      Engage with your family

Now that you have day to yourself, stop thinking about gym and give time to your loved ones. Ask them about all the exciting things that have happened in the week or the activities you all can look forward to do together.If you have kids, spend some extra time with them and take interest in their studies and their lives.

2.      Get a hobby

You might have a hobby and you lost touch with it due to your busy schedule. But, now that you have some free time, go and reconnect with it. It could be photography, painting, crafting or anything that takes your mind away from the gym. If you don’t have one, why not get creative and try something new for yourself, who knows you may even end up creating a legendary masterpiece.

3.      Cook something different

No matter how many times you deny it in front of everybody, we all know that you are bored from eating that same boring chicken breast and rice for the entire week. We know that you want to pack on some pounds, but a different meal for a day won’t hurt. If you want to remain consistent with your diet, prepare meals for the next week and store it in the fridge.

4.      Meet up with friends

With our ever growing busy schedule it is really difficult to catch up with friends. I suggest that you call them and set up a meet and catch up on with what’s going on in their life. It might have been a long time and talking with them will surely make you remember the old times you spent together. Who knows on your next rest day you all might even go on a fishing trip.

5.      Get sh!t done

It might be somethings you wanted to fix at home, groceries to be brought from the supermarket or ideas you had for your home renovation. Do all the stuff you were not unable to get done because of shortage of time. You will be glad that you finally got it done instead of postponing it to next week.

6.      Pamper yourself

This day is all you have got, so why not have some fun with it? Go get yourself that haircut, facial and a massage that will soothe your sore muscles. After getting it done, you will be rejuvenated with new energy and give it a harder go the next week.

7.      Calculate your expenses

Being a gym rat a lot of your money is spent on food, supplements and protein bars but, do you keep a track of the expenses you made? In your free time make a sheet and calculate your expenses which will help you keep tabs on the money being spent and you will avoid spending it on unnecessary things.As the saying goes, money saved is money earned, right?

8.      Come up with a new gym schedule

At the end of your rest day, I advise you to sit down and plan your next week’s schedule in advance. This will get you all hyped up with new power to hit the gym hard the next day. As a fresh week is about to begin, include some new workouts which you haven’t tried yet. If you don’t know how to do them and need guidance,hire a personal trainer in London.

We hope that the above tips will keep you busy on your rest day and make you wait for its next arrival.

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