Yoga for Healthy, Glowing & Disease free Skin

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Modernization has taken a toll on our lives to such an extent that everyone whether men or women, young or old, dreams of a clear, healthy and glowing skin that shines from within. But there are always pros and cons to everything. With the increase in advancements, there is also rise in the pollution in the environment and we are bound to it. Among these conditions, the possibility of having and maintaining the glowing skin seems to be unattainable and unrealistic. However, to look beautiful from outside, it is important to be healthy from inside. Yoga has proven beneficial and by doing simple yoga exercises, you can get a healthy and glowing skin. 

Before looking for the treatments for skin problems, explore the roots to understand the causes of skin problems such as;

·         Acne due to hormonal changes
·         Premature wrinkles, dullness due to unhealthy lifestyle
·         Pimples, dark spots due to improper digestion 

How does yoga helps to solve the skin problems?

There are certain yoga exercises which will boost your blood circulation, strengthens and tones the skin. With the increased blood circulation, there will be proper supply of blood, oxygen and nutrients to the body along with the excretion of the toxins out of the body. Follow these simple yoga asanas daily for a healthy and glowing skin.

1. Tadasana: Tadasana or mountain pose allows concentrating on deep rhythmic breathing. It helps to draw the oxygen into and out of the body which releases the harmful toxins out of the body and helps to keep the vital systems of the body running optimally.

 2. Uttanasana: Uttansana or standing forward fold yoga for skin problems help to clear out toxins from the body. During this asana, blood is interchanging the directions. Because of the forward bending poses, fight against the gravity by turning the head toward the ground instead of the sky. Blood starts flowing fast which brings the oxygen and other helpful nutrients that scavenge the free radicals encouraging the skin cells renewal. Uttansana brings a rosy pink glow to the face.

 3. Varun Mudra/Jal-Vardak Mudra: This yoga asana is the simple or easy yoga and can be done at anytime or anywhere. Simply join the little finger tip of your hand with the tip of the thumb. Press the thumb tip gently and keep your remaining fingers straight. Keep in mind while doing this asana that does not pressurize the nails too much as it can cause skin dryness. Varun Mudra helps to balance the water content in the body. It also makes the skin soft, glowing by decreasing the dryness of the body and preventing the signs of aging.

  4. Kapalabhati: ‘Kapal’ means forehead and ‘bhati’ means glowing. Kapalabhati brings the natural glow to the skin. It is effective in detoxifying the blood and removes all the impurities from the body. With the forceful exhalation which contracts the abdominal muscles, air is pushed out and it removes the impurities or detoxifies the body. It also boosts the oxygen supply to all parts of the body. Kapalabhati is the easiest and effective yoga for the healthy and glowing skin.

 5. Pawanmuktasana: Pawanmuktasana or wind reliving pose allows the body to release any trapped gases inside the stomach. It is the perfect pose to improve the digestion. It also helps to cure the menstrual disorders. Pawanmuktasana flushes out the toxins in the body and facilitates the proper digestion and improves the blood circulation resulting in clear, acne and blemishes free skin. 

By making these yoga asanas a regular part of your routine, you can improve your skin and looks too. But you have to take care of other habits too to enhance the radiance glow of your skin. Along with the yoga, you can eat a healthy and balanced diet containing adequate amount of proteins, minerals and vitamins for healthy and glowing skin. All of them will enhance the sheen and glow of your skin.

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