The Best Workouts to Help You Cope With The Heat This Summer

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The arrival of summer often makes us compromise on our favourite workouts. There are many people who enjoy running or some other form of aerobic exercise, which seems rather impossible in baking heat during the summer months.
For those who are looking for a perfect alternative this summer, look no further. Here’s a list of some workouts you can comfortably pull off during summer without subjecting yourself through physical trauma:

For those who love dancing and find it to be relaxing, there can hardly be a better way to shed calories. Those who like to dance slowly however shouldn’t get excited. Those that wish to shed many pounds may have to do more than just holding the waist of their partner. The tempo of their dance should be given a boost and the best way to do it is to sign up for a Zumba class.
Zumba is a form of high intensity dance that involves the workout of each part of the body. It follows a systematic progression, starting from moves that increase heart rate such as lifts, planks and lunges. As the workout advances, the tempo of dance also increases and the moves become more intense. At the peak of this activity the trainers may ask the dancers to jump and perform squats.
The description above should be enough to clear any wrong myth about dance not being a great cardio exercise. The finale of the session involves those exercises that help tone the abs and core, along with leg raises and sit-ups.
In a single Zumba session it is possible to burn up to 1000 calories and the benefits of it can even be seen outside the class.

For the Couch Potatoes
If you ask any person why they do not workout regularly, most of them will give you just one answer, ‘we just don’t have the time’. While it is difficult to not even have a few minutes to spare for something as important as our own body, we are still willing to accept the argument that you are pressed against time and that you do not have an hour to hit the gym or the running tracks.
For such busy bees, there’s a good way to be fit and it is to fidget around. Fidgeting around while reading, watching television or even working can help you relax in between and also ensure that your body parts are getting sufficient movement.
Problems begin to arise when a person is required to sit in a place for long hours. Being seated in one position for long can cause a lot of damage to the body in terms of its activity level.
For this reason we believe that even if you are a couch potato you can manage to stay fit while still being in your couch.
For those office drones that have no option but to sit in a chair all day long, should try to sit on the edge of the chair. It isn’t comfortable, we know, but that is the whole point right? To be pushed outside your comfort zone. And we all know, these are not even those exercises that have given workout a bad name (in the community of lazy, of course).
Sitting on the edge of the chair prevents the hamstrings from being exerted unnaturally and makes it difficult for us to sit through an entire day. If hamstrings are subjected to this strain on a regular basis it is possible that significant muscle tone could be lost.

The Empty Stomach Workout
From personal experience, this could feel like hell. But just like hell, there’s enough fire to burn about anything, in this case calories. Empty stomach workouts are known to be more effective for weight loss than working out on a filled stomach making it a high intensity workout.
You’re probably wondering what Science has to say about this? Because this has been widely criticised by people around us. Contrary to popular belief, when you consume carbohydrates right before your workout, the body uses this instead of the stored fat as a source of energy. In such a situation you will not be shedding those extra pounds unless you have burned every atom of the carbohydrate consumed.

Workouts with the Right Gear
No matter the choice of your workout, there are many sophisticated sports wear that you can manage to get. These accessories are not just fancy but durable and comfortable enough to motivate you to workout more.
When you have such accessories with you, you can even participate in strenuous activities such as long runs or bike rides. The right gear can also protect you from injuries to quite an extent.

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