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The use of the internet has evolved to not only provide information but to sell goods and services as well. Consumers world over have made making business easier as one can purchase whatever they need by the click of a button irrespective of what part of the world they are or the source of the product. They know in a matter of days or weeks, they will receive whatever it is they ordered. This system made it possible for Indian pharmacy online to flourish.

Benefits of online business for pharmacies

  • Rather than serve the 20 or 50 people who walk in to pharmacies daily, wouldn’t you rather serve 300 people who make orders online? This is probably what pharmaceuticals thought of when they decided to put their business online. The internet most likely doubled or tripled the daily income of these pharmacies.
  • Due to the large clientele pharmacies are not stuck with drugs for long which sometimes end up expiring because the people seeking those drugs over the counter are few. With an array of clients seeking different medication for different ailments has made it possible for pharmacies to stock medication they would otherwise not invest in. This in turn benefits customers who would normally get the “we do not have that” response when they sought rarely stocked drugs.
  • Since online business is booming, production plants get the right feedback over a wide scope on the drugs produced and their effectiveness. This allows them to make informed decisions on the effectiveness of the drugs based on the ingredients used.
  • Many pharmacies used to struggle when it comes to the sale of drugs for what many would term “embarrassing” ailments. These include drugs such as Viagra which would be rarely sought over the counter. Today if you check the highest selling drugs on online pharmacies, Viagra features prominently.
  • Online pharmacies have made business to network with complementary businesses which has had a positive impact on the economy. For example online pharmacies and shipping companies have come to work together for effective delivery of drugs world over. This means more income and employment opportunities and in turn, contribute positively to the GDP of the country.
It is therefore evident that Indian pharmacy online has benefited greatly when it comes to selling drugs over the internet. The ripple effect of this decision online is enjoyed positively by other sectors of the economy.

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