Pros and Cons of double knee replacement

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When one thinks of undergoing double knee surgery? When they are suffering from acute arthritis and their knees have almost stopped functioning and have given up.

There are many knee replacement hospitals in India where double knee replacement surgeries are performed. Also if one chooses an experienced surgeon, then there is a higher success rate in this surgery. In fact, double knee replacement is not different that single knee replacement surgeries and they have similar results as well. In both the surgeries the desired result is to have improved knees with better functioning ability and lesser knee pain.

Each and every surgery has its own benefits and risk factors. Here are some listed for those who are thinking of undergoing double knee replacement surgery.


  • If someone is thinking of undergoing this surgery then they should know that they will have to take less time off from work. This is because; there will be only one recovery period scheduled for both the knees. According to an expert surgeon, if the surgery is successful then the patient who has undergone this surgery might take 4 to 6 weeks to get recovered fully and resume their regular work.
  • This also needs one time hospital admission though the number of days that one has to stay there might be longer in comparison to a single knee replacement operation. It is said for a double knee replacement one needs to stay in the hospital for at least 4 days if everything goes okay.
  • There should be a session of physical therapy after the surgery is done. When you go for double knee replacement surgery then one should go for physical therapy 2 or 3 times a week and this should continue for at least 2 months. This will make the knees function well and the recovery also becomes faster.


  • In this particular surgery, there are a few chances of blood clots and infections. But there can be more risks if the patient has diabetes or heart disease. Due to these health problems they have a weaker immune system as compared to others and their body cannot put up a proper defence against germs. So, before and after surgery, the surgeons prescribe blood thinners and antibiotics to these patients to lower the risk of the surgery and it’s after effect.
  • It may happen that your knee post surgery does not bend the angle you want it to bend. This is because; how much it will bend completely depends on how stiff it was before the surgery. The stiffer it was, the less it will bend post surgery but in most cases they bend properly and let the patient do their regular activities.
  • Also during the time of recovery period, one needs to use crutches to stand or walk because none of the knees are in previous condition and they cannot take much pressure in the recovery time.

There are many knee replacement surgery hospitals in India where one can go for this surgery.

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