Health & Fitness Tips for Busy People

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Health is every person's priority, wherever they live and whatever lifestyle they own. From the past few years, the fitness culture has outgrown into a massive industry, and our eating habits have changed quite a lot. Fast food has taken three-fourths of everyone's plate with increasing busy life. With all the hotchpotch around, we give little time to our physical and mental health. At last, the blame is all on the busy schedule. Some of the unhealthy habits can be avoided with a few simple tips.
Drink water- a lot of it, every day.

Drinking ample water is the least you can do for your body. Water has benefits beyond your thoughts. Drinking water- first thing in the morning keeps your blood pressure in control, and it is the best detox. People who spend a lot of time on the computer tend to catch a headache soon. Drinking a glass of water at regular intervals can help prevent a headache, sprains and cramps. One should consume at least three to four litres of water every day to hydrate the body, improve metabolism and keep a glowing skin. Always remember, the essential start of your weight loss begins with proper water intake.

Relieve stress.

Mental health is as necessary as physical fitness because there's no point in having abs and ending up depressed! A balanced psychological and physical health will lead to a better outcome. You cannot focus, and you start overeating in stress. It also makes you irritable and moody in most situations. Meditation helps you calm the entire body and builds memory. Also, it is proven that meditating brings out the creative side better. Indulge in your hobbies, laugh a lot, hit the club, hang out, listen to music and do everything that helps you reduce stress.

Be a morning person.

It becomes tough to come back from work and hit the gym at the end of the day. Excercise has its benefits that no hacks can cover, while done in the morning can show better results. Try getting up a few minutes before your daily alarm and exercise for 20-30 minutes. Don't indulge in heavy lifting out of the blue. Start with simple jogging and some cardio to keep your energy level in check. Gather a few essential types of equipment to help ease the workout. You will find great discount coupons on with pretty much everything that you need. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to a lazy, drowsy personality which isn't appealing. Working out in the morning can help you stick to it, says research. Practice yoga and exercise daily before your busy day begins.

Eat right.

Protein is essential for muscle gain. It is the part of your hair, nails and helps repair damaged tissues. Carbohydrates provide energy, but a lot of calories without exercise can lead to fat deposition. You can manage your calorie intake by taking up low starchy sugars and fat substitutes. Protein, however, breaks down fast unlike fat, so if you reduce your protein intake, you are losing a lot of muscle. Reduce your portion size, eat small amounts in regular intervals and use shallow bowls and plates (there's the psychology behind it. You reach satiety when you see a full plate and reducing the size of plate means less yet adequate amount without overeating). Incorporate super-foods into your diet. These have extra benefits that will maintain your micronutrient supply.

Keep your eye-sight in check.

There's a new phenomenon trending all over called 20-20-20. In lay man's language, after every 20 minutes of ogling your computer, you have to look away for about 20 seconds and focus on something that is 20 feet away from your eye-sight. This simple exercise has proven to benefit many corporate workers who have a lot of task near the screen (I have been doing this personally, and it helps). It is just a fantastic breakthrough to avoid eye irritation and weak sight. Eat a lot of vitamin-A rich foods like carrots, beef liver, Broccoli, eggs, et cetera.

Ditch your venial sin.

Chain-smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, overeating sweets-do you indulge in any of these bad habits? If yes, then do something to cut it. Anything that harms your body and mind even the slightest bit is a sin. It takes a lot of time to detoxify the toxins raised by even passive smoking ( forget regular!) and not even a day to savour it. The earlier you ditch them, the faster you'll step towards a fit and healthy life.

Lastly, Obesity, anorexia, bulimia, etc. are all eating disorders with a psychological base. You either eat more under stress or starve because someone called you a baby elephant! Your mind has everything to do with your health, and the last thing you would desire is to end up with any of the above disorders. So, think wise and act accordingly. Simple steps to fitness will help you live better.

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