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Everything you must know about diabetes stem cell therapy

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Diabetes is a very common and a lifelong condition and thousands of people get diagnosed with either type 1 or type 2 diabetes every year. This number is only increasing and as a matter of fact there is still no cure for diabetes however the symptoms can surely be controlled. To avoid any kind of long term damage to the health many people are living with daily doses of insulin injections and whatnot.

The reason for diabetes is the high level of sugar or glucose in the bloodstream. The beta cells present in the pancreas which release insulin which in turn helps the cells across the body to take up the sugar or glucose from the bloodstream gets hampered.

Diabetes is of two types

Type 1 diabetes – In this kind, the immunity system destroys the beta cells which are present in pancreas and these patients require regular insulin shots and daily tests of blood.

Type 2 diabetes – In this particular kind, the cells are either too insensitive to insulin or maybe very little insulin is getting produced therefore the cells do not take up glucose.

Clinical trials are underway for diabetes stem cell therapy in India where the scientists have been using the pluripotent stem cells in order to produce the cells which respond to the glucose and release insulin as well just like beta cells.

The stem cell therapy is also called as regenerative medicine and is very helpful for the injured, dead or diseased tissues. It actually helps in putting life back into these tissues and hence promotes the reparative response from these. These stem cells are constructed depending on the specialization of the cells such as nerve cells, heart muscle cells, and blood cells and are then implanted in the patients.

The stem cell therapy also comes with lots of advantages and especially to the diabetic patients. As it is known that diabetes is a degenerative disease, these stem cell therapies have actually carved a niche for more and more effective treatment of the same. The diabetes stem cell therapy in India has only opened great possibilities for people so that they can discover treatments and cures and also get over many other illnesses and injuries such as spinal cord injury or diabetes.

These stem cells have an automatic renewal process and they come with a unique ability to become and act like any cell in the body. These are nothing less than a repair kit that the mankind would need in future. It has become a great help for the people who have been enduring the degenerative diseases and also helps in combatting the ill-effects of certain disorders.

In terms of diabetes, the stem cell therapy can prove to be helpful but then it is always better to talk to your doctor and the stem cell specialist regarding the personal condition of the patient. It should also be considered that a small injury to a diabetic person can prove to be fatal and on proper discussion with the doctor, the patient should move forward with the stem cell therapy.

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