Amazing Paneer and its delicious dishes

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Cottage cheese or commonly known as Paneer is an essential ingredient of Indian dishes.Especially, for a community where a large proportion belongs to the vegetarian category paneer is a versatile ingredient with use in various types of dishes ranging from curries to sweets, included in rice to parathas.

Not only this due to its nutritional values and basic taste it is part of day to day experiments in the hands of house wives and mothers.

Paneer is actually a dairy product and type of soft cottage cheese. It can be easily prepared at homes and is also available in markets in fresh packages. Although the taste and texture of a homemade and freshly prepared paneer is unmatched yet Indian stores and various small scale units are also a easy source to fetch them.

This amazing white fluffy ingredient is prepared with the help of hot milk and food acids. When any acid like vinegar or lemon juice is added in a very small quantity to a hot milk bowl, it results in separation of milk into whey and curd. This curd is then strained and paneer is preparedby letting this coagulated cheese to sit for some time. This homemade cheese is good to use fresh and even refrigerated for around 4-5 days.

Paneer is not just taste fulfilling element but a rich source of nutrition such as protein, fat, mineral, carbohydrate, potassium, Vitamin B12, phosphorus, etc.

Paneer though treated as a special dish and is prepared on special occasions; it is quite a famous part of meals in north India. And now it as the availability of paneer has become easier and even thesecret of preparing this nutritiouselement of various dishes such aspaneer butter masala, paneerkeema, paneertikka, have slowly started to become a weekly dish at homes. The recipes are also easily available online which makes it further easier for youngsters to prepare them.

Paneer has a spongy, milky and delicate flavour, paneer is used in many dishes and all have amazing tastes such as curries like paneer masala, paneerkadhai, etc. And most famous kebabs like paneertikka masala, paneerseek kebab etc. And even deserts like Rasgulla, Rasmallai,etc.

It is also known as chenna in various parts of India such as West Bengal, Bihar, and Jharkhand. Amongst the most famous dishes that are prepared with paneer or cottage cheese, some specific mouth-watering varieties are:
  • Veg. Grilled Cheese Sandwich:An easy to prepare dish for evening snacks that is both healthy and yummy. A snack that itself is enough for a meal. Filled with veggies and cottage cheese or grater paneer stuffed between white or brown bread slices can be a great evening dish or even a lunch break meal.
  • Stuffed Capsicum/ BharwaShimla Mirch:Paneer cut into small chunks or grated paneer mixed with onions, potatoes and other veggies stuffed in bell peppers or capsicums. These can be baked or fried or even tossed over pan. These are yummy partners in full course meals, which trigger your taste buds and even act as appetizers.
  • PaneerTikkaMasala: Paneer cut in cubes, marinated with curd and masala grilled in oven is amouth-watering dish which has a tingling taste and is really easy to prepare. A snack, appetizer or even a side dish, it’s almost all in one.
  • Kalakand:A sweet desert when mixed with condensed milk results into a desert with granular texture and great taste which can be flavoured with cardamom, cinnamon, kesar or rosewater.

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