5 Types of Momos That Have Caused a Revolution

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India has adapted as well as adopted so many cultures that include different cuisines as well. This is one of the reasons why I love my country the most. The moment you cross the border of one state and enter another, you will definitely get to see something new to eat and a new name on the restaurant menus. But not just within the country, our country has adopted cuisines from its neighbouring states as well. So, we have an abundance of food items. If you get bored by one you can switch to the other.

With winters at its best and chilly evenings, we often need hot snacks to keep ourselves warm as well. Winters or no winters my favourite evening snack is momo. Now you would be lying if you said you hadn’t eaten or atleast heard of momosbecause they have gained quite the popularity in the past couple of years.

Momos are not originally from our country, momos sees its origination from Tibet and Nepal. They are like dumplings with different types of fillings.They are often served with spicy chutneys to go along with and a bowl full of chicken clear soup. You could easily look for momos recipe in Hindi in the internet.

In my article today I am going to list out a couple of momos that I have tried that is so unique that you should try them too.

1.Tandoori momos- now you love Indian food right? But you can’t get enough of momos too. We have fused these two and we bring to you tandoori momos.

2.Soup momos- now this is not the ordinary momos that is served with soup. Soup momos are served within the soup. Basically they are one whole dish. The soup is thick and creamy and you will definitely fall in love with it.

3.Cheese momos- cheese lovers have something to rejoice about. We bring for your cheese momos. One bite and you unlock a new level of cheese. The hot and creamy cheese fills your mouth and the side chutneys give you the edge.

4.Chocolate momos- now this was quite the revolution for the momos. People often have mixed reviews about it. But you will never know until and unless you have it. The chocolate momos are filled with chocolate fillings and definitely not served with any chutney.

5.Keemamomos- thekeemamomo is love for all non-vegetarians. I have tried it and I must say it is very hard to resist. The keema is so soft that it melts in the mouth.

According to me, this could probably be one of the healthiest yet tasty evening snacks. In comparison with all the other Indian snacks it uses very less oil, it has a soup which is known for its goodness and the chutneys are no harm at all.

So, which is your favourite momo? Is it on the list? Well whether it is or not you have to try these.

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