Newest form of surgery on the blocks

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Laser pain surgery is considered to a surgery that reduces pain and blood loss. Spine treatment without surgery India is always a desired option, but if the condition is serious then it warrants a laser spine surgery. Any painful conditions of your spine are treated with this form of surgery. In this form of surgery your spinal cord does not need to be opened up, but small incisions are performed at the back of the spine that works out to be around 1 inch. You can expect blood loss at a minimum level. It works out to be an endoscopic alternative that has left behind the traditional form of surgeries way behind. With the aid of beams of laser light, surgeons would be able to remove bone spurs along with other problems like herniated discs.

The benefits

  • First and foremost you are able to treat a wide range of spinal conditions. The risk aspect is also less when you compare it to a conventional form of surgery
  • If you have been suffering from this pain for a considerable period of time and have not experienced any relief form massage then laser spine surgery needs to be considered. It is a fast, quick surgery with recovery time being on the lesser side. Most of the patients experience instantly relief and the recovery time is on the lower side with this form of surgery.
  • It is considered to be a less invasive procedure in comparison to a traditional back surgery. In the case of a laser surgery, general anaesthesia, is merely needed which does mean that the risk from this form of surgery is on the lower side and any untoward incidents are not experienced during surgery
  • This surgery is normally being performed on an outpatient basis. With fewer incisions the recovery time is on the faster side and it does improve your overall quality of life relating to the procedure itself.


If you about to choose a spine surgery hospital in India, then there are several pointers to involve

  • The choice of the correct surgeon is important. Even a neurosurgeon can perform this procedure, but make sure that your surgeon is experienced and does possess the necessary skill sets
  • Have a discussion with people who have been part of such surgery in the past. This will help you to anticipate problems, understand what life is after surgery and how to be able to support yourself.
  • Stop smoking before surgery as it is going to increase the complications
  • Get enough sleep, be part of a nutritious diet and be into regular exercise. One has to be as healthy as possible before the surgery
  • If you are into medications they need to be stopped a few days before the surgery as they can go on to thin your blood and make you more prone to bleeding. If you are into blood thinners then do discuss with your surgeon.

To conclude the benefits and preparations of a laser spine surgery need to be give utmost importance for quick recovery.

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