Healthy Alternatives to Soda: tastes better too!

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Hey, guys and gals! Today I am talking about how to kick that nasty soda habit, including healthy drink recipes, all of which are considered health drinks for kids and healthy diet drinks!

The Science

Regular sweetened soda is consistently associated with an increased risk for several chronic inflammatory diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, type II diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis, particularly in women.

Artificially sweetened sodas are associated with causing type II diabetes, weight gain, and an entire chain of consequences that I discuss in Safe Artificial Sweeteners and that does not include all of the dangerous side effects that have yet to be studied. (Those who know me know of my severe hatred of artificial sweeteners.)

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As a side note, there is no such thing as a “healthy juice”. Bai is marketed as a “healthy juice” and is, in fact, is worse for you than soda. It was ranked as the number 1 “worst diet soda for you” in a 2017 Harvard study.

I cringe when I notice a small child sucking down juice. It is fruit that has been stripped of all of its fiber and nutrients, mixed with chemicals and preservatives and advertised as “no sugar added”. Despite no sugar being added, all nutritional value has been sifted out of it, leaving sugar water; natural sugar water, but sugar water. Sorry, I'll get off my soapbox now.

The Good Stuff

So you have decided to show soda whose boss. Congratulations! It is always good to have an arsenal of healthy alternatives to reach for when you give up something so addictive, especially for those water-haters out there.

You may not even realize how strong of a hold these chemicals have on you. No need to worry. I have given the last couple days searching the internet and scholarly articles to give you the best options out there.

Fruit Ice Cubes

Making fruit ice cubes is my personal favorite. You can make a bunch at one time that will sustain you for a while without going bad; you can change up the flavors depending on what you’re craving at the moment, or mix multiple flavors it you’re feeling particularly adventurous! Use these to flavor water or tea.
You take some fruit, clean and cut into medium sized chunks, put them in an ice tray, add water and freeze. Easy peezy. *Tip: keep a container in your freezer so when you have berries or fruit that you know will go bad before anyone eats it, you can make fruit ice out of it and store in your freezer!

You could also wholly mash the fruit into juice and then freeze it. I prefer to mash the fruit slightly but to where it is still identifiable but the more you smash it, the more flavor is infused in the water. Here are some excellent fruit ice recipes to try.

       Lemon Ginger and Green Tea
       Strawberry Lime
       Mixed berries (blueberries, blackberries, raspberries..) I would slightly mash these to ensure complete water infusion
       Pineapple & Mango in coconut water
       Strawberry Mint or Strawberry Basil
       Grapefruit Orange
       Orange and Cranberries (again, slightly mash the cranberries)
       Pineapple Raspberry

You can of course just put one kind of fruit in each cube such as pomegranate, kiwi, watermelon, herbs, and flowers. The possibilities are endless! I hope this has gotten your juices flowing! (Pun intended.) You could make these as simple or as complicated as you would like. I have seen someone mash fruit into juice and fill 1/3 of an ice cube tray, freeze and repeat to add layers.

Infused Water

There are two options for this one. You could purchase an infusion water bottle or pitcher or fill
water bottles or mason jars with fruit. You are not supposed to reuse a water bottle (the plastic starts leaking toxins into the water, the expiration date on a water bottle is for the bottle, not the water; heat increases the leaking of toxins), so this method can be a tad more pricey.

You simply fill a drinking container with a tasty fruit, herb, flower combination, fill with water chill (overnight-12 hours). This water will be good for up to 3 days.


There are many kinds of herbal tea and tea blends. I am not a tea expert by any means and I suggest exploring these on your own. We all have different tastes and the tea realm is far too vast for the context of this post. Having said that I would share with you some of my personal favorites.

If I am feeling hungry but I just ate and shouldn’t be hungry I reach for dandelion tea. It is spicy, which satisfies all of your taste buds, and I love spicy foods.

If I am craving sweets Tazo Wild Sweet Orange tea. It is so tasty and decaffeinated so I can drink it right before bed.

Green tea is a great caffeinated option. I need to add a tiny bit of honey to this one. I really like this after my workout session and track it through my fitbit charge fitness tracker.
Matcha green tea arguably one of the best tea for you. It is tea made out of the powder of grounded tea leaves so you are consuming the actual tea leaves instead of a tea made out of steeped tea leaves.

At the Bottom:
I have done a lot of research on the best affordable matcha tea and pure matcha is far superior to the others. I also need to add a little honey to this one and in my experience, the tea powder sinks to the bottom and doesn’t quite mix well so I purchased a cheap handheld milk frother.

I hope this support can help you in your fight against those carbonated demons! If you have any questions, comments, or any suggestions of any other healthy alternatives to soda.

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