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Dianabol side effects in our bodies

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Every medication has negative side effects on the body when it is consumed beyond the dosage. Dianabol is no exception and its consumption also creates the side effects when the dosage exceeds.

Infertility, liver damage, and severe mood swings are some of the possible side effects associated with this anabolic steroid. It is recommended that, beware of the Dianabol side effects while consuming them and stick with the right dosage.

How to consume Dianabol

Dianabol can be taken two ways, by pills or injection. The most common way this steroid is taken is oral, in the form of pills but it depends on prescription guidelines. Beware of the side effects of the medication and in order prevent Dianabol side effects such as stomach aches and other discomforts, it should be taken with a meal. Dianabol is consumed at 25mg for weeks.

To avoid Dianabol side effects, you should keep your doses low. But to avoid steroid abuse altogether, go with Dianabol alternatives like CrazyBulk D-Bal.

Dianabol Side Effects

There are five common side effects of Dianabol associated with its use which include:
  • Gynecomastia
  • Water retention
  • High blood pressure
  • Inefficient cholesterol
  • Testosterone suppression

Many people who currently suffer from high blood pressure should avoid using this steroid because it has the potential create side effects and risk your health.

If you come from the family with the medical history of high blood pressure, avoiding them will be better for your health.
Inefficient cholesterol levels have many of the same rules in Dianabol as high blood pressure. People who are predisposed to this condition gets more side effects on their body.

Serious Dbol Side Effects:

Exceeding the dosage will creates the adverse effects on the health and you can find them by reading the below passage.

More serious side effects include:
  • Various liver diseases
  • Aggression
  • Paranoia
  • Kidney and heart malfunctions
  • Roid rage
Short-Term Side Effects include

Common short-term side effects of Methandienone include changes in appearance and mood alterations.

As far as changes in appearance are concerned, individuals can develop acne with mild or severe cases. Pattern baldness can occur in men and women.

Oily and thinning hair may become an issue.

Effects of Dianabol on Sperm Count

Dianabol use has been studied regarding infertility.

There was also marked incidence of other sperm abnormalities. However, these changes disappear with the discontinuation of the treatment.

Dianabol & Acne

The occurrence of acne is not widely documented in medical literature but it can occur in susceptible individuals of both sexes.

Dianabol is thought to stimulate the sebaceous glands in the skin to produce more sebum or oil. This can clog the pores and result in an increase of acne. The acne tends to occur more commonly on the face and the back.

The sensitivity of receptors in the sebaceous glands varies from individual to individual. People, who had severe acne before, should be more cautious of developing this side effect during their Dianabol cycle.

However, the acne tends to disappear upon cessation of using Dianabol leaving no long-term side effects.

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