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All on 4 dental implants abroad price comparison

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If you struggle with loss of your natural teeth, all-on-4 procedure abroad is the solution for you! You can find this option in many dental offices around the world, but the price of this procedure may vary drastically with different locations. When you compare prices in different clinics, Poland is one of the most affordable destinations for the all-on-four procedure! We understand that there are thousands of dental clinics all over the world and finding the best clinic may be difficult. In this article you will find out why Poland can offer you such an affordable price.  

How much is all-on-4 abroad?
All-on-4, also called a full jaw restoration, is a procedure that can help bring back your full and beautiful smile. This procedure is designed to help people that struggle with teeth loss or have no teeth at all. All-on-four abroad is a great alternative to a removable denture, as it offers permanent solution and a great comfort of life. Our clinic can offer you one of the best prices available on the market, as the price for an all-on-4 procedure in our dental office starts from 18 000 PLN (3 800 GBP). There is no point in wasting money, when you can have the best dentists and professional clinics in Poland! Contact our patient advisers and find out more about all-on-4 in Poland. We offer free initial consultation with a treatment plan prepared by one of our specialists. Our patient advisers will answer all your questions and they will help you to organize everything!
All on 4 abroad price comparison
Unfortunately, all-on-4 procedure may be very expensive. The price depends on many factors, but the best thing is that in Poland we can offer you one of the lowest prices available on the market! Below you can see the price comparison for all-on-4 procedure in 4 countries. Does high price mean great quality? Unfortunately, this is not always the case. In Poland our dentists have many years of experience, modern clinics and up-to-date equipment. They can offer you the best treatment for the lowest price.

13 500 USD
9 700 EUR
18 000 PLN
10 400 GBP
Where does price difference come from?
Every dental office can offer you different price for all-on-four procedure, but a high price is not always met with the best quality. There are countries that have very high prices and the procedure there costs a small fortune. Such countries are for example USA or UK and in there you need to ask the bank for a loan to even think about having a permanent solution for your teeth. Some people simply cannot afford these prices and have to give up an idea of once again having a full smile. On the other hand, there are countries that offer much more affordable price due to better economic situation. Poland is one of these countries that can offer you one of the best prices for all-on-4 procedure. Our specialists in Poland are highly skilled and very experienced so the lowest price is met with the highest standard of care. Be one of thousands that used our services and saved money while getting new teeth.
Contact our patient advisers to find out your quotation for cheap all-on-4 procedure abroad! They will help you with all the details of your travel and will be with you on every step of the way. Do not waste your money in your home country! Visit one of our clinics and have new beautiful smile with Dental Travel Poland.

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