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Your Dog Is Helping You Lead A Healthier Lifestyle

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Dog owners usually say that having a dog is very beneficial because of their unconditional love, but that is not all our furry friends have to offer. If you do intend to get a dog, or if you are already a dog owner, it might be smart to check out, because having a vet at your service is very important.

One of greatest benefits of owning a dog, besides their unconditional love, is a simple fact that dog owners tend to walk more as well. Now, while this might seem like a small exercise to even be put in an article, it benefits you more than you might think. In a study that was published, it showed that dog owners walk about 20 minutes more than people who do not own a dog.

Dogs are social and they understand when they do something wrong

Heart and your dog

The ones who did get an exercise said that they walked at their own pace. This allowed the dog owners to walk briskly and their heart rates went up. In the study, their pace was measured to be 3 miles/hour, which is considered to be moderately intense.

It was already proven that moderate intense walking is great for anyone who has high blood pressure, as it is as good as running. This means that people with high cholesterol, type 2diabetes, and other conditions should walk more on the daily basis. The facts are all there, the more you walk, you will have much better health in general.

But keep in mind that getting a pet is no joke, and it does not matter which pet you decided to have in the end. Dogs, cats, rodents, birds, and so on, every pet needs to be cared for as a part of the family. Pets tend to be social animals, and as much as you take care of yourself and your family members, you should take care of your pet and visit

The UK study

There was another study in the UK that included women and men who were either in their 60s or they were older. Some of them did not own a dog while others were dog owners. To make the research more accurate, the people in the study agreed to wearing activPAL devices, which allowed the team to see just how much they walked or ran in a day.

To their surprise, the difference between dog owners and those who did not have a dog was quite big. It turns out that dog owners tend to walk a lot more, which just proves the idea that having a dog will make you lead a healthier lifestyle. Not to mention that they will improve your blood sugar levels too.

Because of their activeness, they will make you active as well

Companions for life

While dogs do benefit you, in the long run, they are also great companions and they will always be there. You can always talk to your dog, and that is nothing to be ashamed of. Many dog owners are known to share their day, ideas and feelings with their pets, and this is actually a proven way to relax and have a healthier life in general.

Final word

Our pets are here to helps us lead a healthier lifestyle, and on top of that, they are here to keep us company. Dogs, cats, guinea pigs, mice, and other animals all love their owners, and most of them will get attached to you as much as you will get attached to them. There is a good reason why people say that a dog is a man’s best friend!

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