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Different Forms of Marijuana for Medicinal Purposes

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Rarely but when needed, doctors prescribe patients with marijuana medicines. This too happens in selected countries where these are legal to consume as part of health treatment. Since it is not that everyday people have to buy these cure, they are seldom available in retail medical drug stores.

The solution to this rarity is online health drug stores, especially the online medical marijuana delivery stores that certainly have all the necessary rare or common medicines.

It might be known to one as an effective medicine that would help get rid of serious health conditions. However, one should know different basic forms of medical cannabis that is available for the patients. For basics, there are five forms:
  • Topicals: To use directly over the skin, there are sprays, ointments, lotions, oils. These are more preferable because of its non-psychoactive nature. The body absorbs the vital elements of cannabis to cure arthritis, muscle sores, minor skins, chapped skin, and joint pain also sunburns and swellings.
  • Edibles: The food items that have marijuana in limited amounts are the nice ways to consume medicines. It comes in varieties of chocolate bars, gummy bears, cookies, cupcakes, lollipops, chews and many other types of edible items. The best part about using this method is that one gets to eat mouthwatering treats as cures. It is also possible to use marijuana in exact prescribed amounts. It has the most lasting effect and hence relief.
  • Oils: As an alternative option, these are better than smoking cannabis. One can consume the pills filled with the oil or cannabinoids mixed with some amount of alcohol or oil and sprayed under the tongue. If ever necessary to give children, these low and mild doses do not hurt the lungs.
  • Dried cannabis flower: It is to roll in paper or pipe and burn one side of it with flame. The consumer can inhale its smoke from the other end of the pipe. While it provides instant relief to the pain stricken patient, it also hurts the lungs. Easy to prepare, use and even inexpensive. Another method is to inhale it. Dried cannabis when added to a preheated vaporizer releases medicinal compounds that is necessary for the patient to intake. This will not hurt the lungs as much as the smoking process does. A patient can purchase it from online medical marijuana delivery stores.
  • Shatter concentrates: They are the extracts of cannabis that also have its psychoactive properties. It is the purest form of marijuana, which one intakes after heating it to liquefy.
Some other ways are to use raw cannabis, or add it to beverages like tea or hot water; else, in the form of medical marijuana transdermal patches that one can apply over the skin.

All of the above home delivery so that the patient would not have to bother much. However, these are available on legal terms that too for the patients only. These are not for recreational purposes.

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