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Why Dr. Kami Hoss Believes Good Oral Health Starts Right From Home?

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The parents have always been the first ideal in any child’s life. They get to know about the world through their parent’s eyes, and hence their perception about how a life should be led comes from seeing their parents. Be it the health issues or the morals, the primary education begins right at home. As a result of it, Dr. Kami Hoss believes that instead of the children, it is essential to give education about oral health to the mothers if they haven’t grown quite naturally within themselves.

Just when a child comes to birth, a new parent is born as well. So the experience of parenting is not much. And there’s no doubt that the challenges of parenting are not few. And while dealing with too many things at one time, the parents cannot be blamed if they fail to realize the connection between oral health and overall health of their children. In some of the medical magazines, it has already been stated that the most common of all chronic diseases pointed out in the children is the tooth decay, and oral hygiene is the only way it can be dealt with. Just like the morning shows the day, it is the oral hygiene practiced right at this tender age which will determine the healthy lifestyle in the years to come.
Oral Health Education, And Dr. Kami Hoss’ Take at It
By the time a child is 12 to 18 months of age, the oral health education must be determined and set up at each and every home. As the mouth gets the first exposure to all kinds of bacteria and germs, they are prone to maximum decay, and identifying it determines the how the overall health conditions will be as the child grows up into an adult. Even some of the medical journals have already shown the link between periodontal diseases taking birthright at pre-term labor. As a result of it, the pregnant women must be evaluated with cavities, and poor oral hygiene and even the diet plan accordingly.
There are certain oral health milestones that must be met in order to ensure the best maintenance of the oral hygiene. However, this should be decided and determined by the reputed family dentists like Dr. Kami Hoss who has been in the profession for quite a few time now, and he accumulates all his experience and research work to deliver the best treatment to all his patients.
Right when the first tooth erupts for a child, within six months of it, the first visit to the pediatric dentist must be scheduled. When the babies get to know of the brushing techniques, things get sorted out on its own, but when they are still not capable of it, the parents must do it with precision as that is the key factor in maintaining the oral health. However, there are several more precautionary measures to be taken and hence, parents must pay due care to the oral hygiene to ensure a healthy childhood.

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