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Wayne Imber- Understanding Developmental Psychology In A Simple Way!

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If you take a look at the life of a human being today, you will find there are several changes that take place in life. You start as a tiny baby develop into an adult and later become a senior citizen. The branch of psychology that deals with all the above changes in life is called developmental psychology. Many years ago, it was only catered for little children and infants however today developmental psychology has stretched beyond children and expanded to adults as well.

Wayne Imber- Observing changes in human beings

Wayne Imber is a doctor and an expert in the field of developmental psychology in the USA. He says that the topics that are covered generally revolve around psycho-physiological and motor skills in this area. For an expert who studies developmental psychology, life continues and flows. An individual experiences new challenges, changes and feelings. With these new experiences, he or she needs to move on without any hassles. However, there are challenges at time and it is here that developmental psychology studies and aid step in to help. For example, an individual might face issues with problem solving, conceptual understanding and moral understanding. These are cognitive development issues that experts address and solve. 

Child psychology – a field of developmental psychology

Child psychology is the study of children and the way they react and respond to different situations in life. This field of study is vast and very exciting at the same time, says Dr. Imber. In the early years, children are expected to learn their first language from adults. They pick social skills and cope with living with different people as they grow up. The field of developmental psychology deals with all the information and data about learning a new language, social attachments and the emotional responses that are given out when you encounter different people, situations and challenges.

Responses to the changes in life

All along the way and journey, you pick up skills. However, at the same time, as a child if you were exposed to something adverse, you might combat challenges when it comes to cognitive development. It is here that experts step in and they provide effective solutions and ways on how you can deal with such problems in the early phase of your life. This goes a very long way when it comes to establishing the self-esteem and confidence of a person. Experts often find solutions to the problems that the individual face. They understand the responses and the possible triggers of emotion that pose challenges into smooth living and happiness.

Wayne Imber says that if you closely examine life, you will find that changes are important for a human being to survive and pass through the various phases of life. Developmental knowledge is crucial and vital. It can be applied to different field like child psychopathology, educational psychology and forensic developmental psychology. The knowledge that you gain and perceive has been deployed to complement the basic researches in other areas like comparative, cognitive, social and ecological development.

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