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Know from Jonathan Lauter MDHow You Can Help Your Child with ASD?

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As estimated by CDC, the Centers for Disease Control, as of today, the most upsetting brain based disorder autism affects 1 out of 89 children in USA while hundreds of ill-fated parents and families come across with the scary news that their loved one is a sufferer of ASD. Autism is an increasing brain based developmental disability which is mainly detected among children of 5 to 8 years as well as adults. The most vital areas that are affected by Autism include difficulty communication (verbal or non-verbal), behavior and social interaction. Backed by American Board Certification in Psychiatry and Neurology Dr. Jonathan Lauter MD says that as a wide spectrum brain disorder, affects of Autism can be found in any person in mild to severe-most form. 

Having been positioned as the Director Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (Outpatient Clinic) Elmhurst Hospital, New York the learned physician says that even though early detection, fast intervention and initiation of necessary therapeutic is the key to find positive changes in children, however, in most cases, unawareness, lack of care among parents or wrong diagnose by pediatricians delay in needful medical intervention. The distinguished psychiatric physician considers that instead of making arguments about whether or how far Autism is curable, a faster involvement and dedicated joint efforts of parents and physicians can do no less than better existence for them. 

Always get prior appointment to consult and treat any kind of mental disability of your loved one either at Elmhurst Hospital or in his own clinic located in Manhattan. You can also get the physician through email while he is also available in all major social media sites like FACEBOOK, Twitter and share his views with his deep insight and utmost empathy to worried families and parents with victims of mental health complications.  

The areas Dr. Lauter Specializes in 
  • ADHD and ADD in kids, teenager and adults 
  • Bipolar Disorder (Manic) in teens and adults 
  • Depression Disorder/Panic/Trauma 
  • Sleep disorder /Insomnia 
  • Drug Abuse/Autism (ASD)/ Schizophrenia 
  • Hyperactive disorders found in Kids and Teens 
  • Consultancy for other Mental Health and Brain- based Disorders   
With his long experience in practices, Dr. Jonathan Lauter MD believes that for the improvement and wellbeing of a child with ASD, the role of patents is immeasurable. It needs high patience, understanding the problems and no quitting from the needed endeavors. Following are some tips for parents   
  • Apart from knowing in detail from physicians, study through internet where you can find plethora of helpful topics, comments of similar parents which are highly helping source to take care of your baby. 
  • Autistic kids can learn and also grasp the way of actions and information effectively if the set of activities are repeated in a particular sequence. Just try this.   
  • Start prompting and assist the child to understand the things and react appropriately. Rewarding them for appropriate responding can encourage them. But never punish for incorrect behaviors. 
  • Sticking to a particular routine can help child in learning. Apart from developing daily planner use a set of photos and Audio-visual tools which can be useful.
Make a schedule of meal time, sleeping time and make him habituated to undertake therapeutic session like talk therapy by experienced therapists.

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