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Counter productivity due to negligence

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Medicine is not something to be careless or forgetful about. This is especially true in the case of the manufacturers or company since they are the ones responsible for developing the medicine that is supplied to all who need it. Negligence to do so will have severe repercussions directed towards the users of the drugs unknown to them that there are underlying issues as well as the company responsible for producing and manufacturing the said drug.

While this may not happen very often, such is the case that this actually happened to Abilify. A drug manufactured by certain companies that is claimed to be an antipsychotic drug for patients who have schizophrenia among other mental illnesses. The company responsible might have purposely left out a few key details about the drug which led the patients who were taking it to have more severe and somewhat amplified side effects.

Side effects x2

Although almost all antipsychotic drugs have side effects such as increased appetite resulting to weight gain as well as being easily sexually aroused, reports have come that state users having relatively no control over their compulsive behaviour related to these side effects. Some have even reported gaining a lot of weight in a short amount of time due to uncontrollable binge eating, some have even gotten addicted to sex so much that it ruined their lives in a way that it almost seems impossible to put back together.

A right to be angry (understatement)

Patients who undergo these side effects definitely have a right to be angry at the company that was responsible for the manufacture of the antipsychotic since they neglected to warn the patients about the effects they may get when taking the drug. This just shows a severe lack of neglect for the safety that could possibly result to bodily injury or worse, might prove even be fatal for some. This is definitely a good basis for filing a lawsuit.

And that’s what they did

Since best way to go about the issue legally is to file a complaint or lawsuit against the company for putting people’s lives at risk due to negligent behaviour, that’s what most of the people who are directly affected did. Filing a lawsuit against the company for possible irreparable damages caused by these side effects is probably the best and only legal way to go about the issue.

Life changing damage

The damages done to the unsuspecting patients are quite severe and can even be possibly life changing to some extent. There are reports of people who, due to the effects of having no control to their impulses have fallen deep in debt and some even getting bankrupt due to getting addicted to gambling. Some have possibly even contracted life altering diseases such as HIV since becoming sexually addicted, some have already even gotten type-2 diabetes from uncontrollable eating and gaining weight, these patients are usually young kids too.

It’s sad to see people who try to get better using antipsychotics actually get worse due to the negligence of the company that manufactured it, leaving such a crucial detail out of the picture has caused a lot of damage to innocent people, some damages might just even be permanent and the victims are forced to live the rest of their lives with this. A lawsuit is the least that the company can get.

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