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What Jackie Sanfilippo Feels the Way About Nature Being the Key to Perfection?

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Nature exists in an optimal way, with the perfect equilibrium between gravity and friction, which when disrupted by catastrophes, natural or manmade, has this way of acclimatizing; a fascinating way that one feels compelled to analyze. 

When the two forces of gravity and friction become incompatible with Nature, higher forces must be addressed reverentially, so as to convert natural disasters into positive adaptation to reinstate equilibrium, in the same way one’s minds have the prospective to work when people need to deal with catastrophes, changing kinetic minds to thinking, thermal minds, to assist in dry or fluid matters. It is in this way that Nature transmits energy to create order and harmony. One would almost consider that Nature has a mind of her own.

This 'mindset' is coefficient to attain equilibrium; it is obligatory for her evolution and must be permitted for in striking the optimal balance in Nature. It is in this stipend for the severe limits that she sometimes inexorably loses ground in chase of her dreams, sometimes even having to submit to the avalanche of her determination. This promotes tolerant consciousness and thoughts are born intrinsically, ensuing in the strong-minded power of which Nature is actually capable and exhibits.

According to Jackie Sanfilippo , the planet, its people and entropy are all subject to the thermodynamics of God. For this motive, Nature knows respect, but individuals do not. What seems like independent phenomena, Nature knows, is the contact of a Super power, a Super being, a Supernatural, Strong, electromagnetic Force-God onto this world. It is ordered, divine, harmonious and symmetrical, between all the gravity and friction, space and time, against all the tides and currents, storms and dread, amidst all the forests and fires. Nature approves herself and adjusts, creating even better equilibrium than before to re-center and thus recover her optimum equilibrium to fullness and wholeness.

As experiences are pushed upon her, she metabolizes a dense feeling, of love, joy and universal respect that is unbeatable. Her mountains encircle her with optimistic energy, ethereal quantum of it. Supported and protected, she is authorized and her soul and mind are blown into whirlwinds that travel to other cosmos and back, while busy, energetic cities, peaceful beaches, countryside, maintain the sufficient balance that Nature yearns. Nature comprehends the supremacy of multi-verses, the sun, moon, stars, planets, rains gods, galaxies, faith, hope and love. She considers in her own power to figure who she will become, knowing the power of five forces that pull at her head and feet, that let her journey, reason and purpose, though some say she has none, and one Great power that directs it, then she herself deliberately determines it.

As Jackie Sanfilippo says, Nature forges on to time without end. She is the epitome of stunning, everlastingly thankful, with hopes for abundant consciousness, grand unification, and persistent joy, beyond time and space. Nature is continually pruning and nurturing her body, soul and mind. The whole of Nature persevering until she becomes renowned to a degree of Perfection. If mankind would only imitate her, oh what a healthier place the earth would be.

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