The Bengali’s Vegetarian Dishes!

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When we talk about Bengal, the first thing comes to mind is that everyone in this state eats fish, but it is certainly not true. It is true that most of the Bengalis love eating non-veg, but there are some very delicious veg recipes. The Bengali veg recipes are divided into two part, the first is Bhaja(fried vegetable), and another is torkari(curried vegetable). Now, all the Bengalis are preparing for DurgaPooja, and you can get the recipes online. Here are some veg dishes which will make you forget all the popular dishes of Bengal:

·         Shukto: This is a dish with a combination of bitter and sweet taste. It a very healthy dish as this dish is made up of bitter gourd called karela with other ingredients like potato, brinjal, and beans. The curry is best served with boiled rice. The dish can take some good time to cook.

·         DhokarDalna:Dhokar is a square shaped cake made up of dal. The paste of chana dal and dried white peas is mixed up and then steamed in a boiler. The riot of flavours and textures make an amazing taste.

·         Began Bhaja: This dish is none other than fried brinjal. You don’t believe; this is seriously very yummy and crisp. A sprinkle of little salt, turmeric and chilli powder can add to the flavor of the dish. The crispy exterior gives you a crunchy experience.

·         AlooPosto: As the name states the dish is all about the potato. It’s an easy to make a dish made from the poppy seed paste with green chillies and Kalonji as the bold flavouring element. The inexpensive dish is easy to make.

·         DoiPotol: it is very popular Bengal recipe, and it can be very spicy. In this recipe, pointed gourds are cooked in thick yogurt gravy. Search doi potol recipe online, and you must try this cuisine.

·         Dhonepata Bata: Basically, this is green chutney made from coriander leaves and green chilies. It can’t be eaten alone as this is really much spicier than what you are thinking. The addition of pudina can be made, and it is eaten with roti and bread.

·         Ghugni: This is an accomplishment to bread or chapatti. Made from dried white peas and with simple spices. The dish can tickle your tongue when served with chopped onion or chilies with a sprinkle of Garam Masala.

·         Lau Ghonto: it’s a very light dish which can be made anytime and eaten too. It tastes both sweet and salty. Dry fruit can also be added to garnish.

·         Labra: The mixture of mashed vegetables is cooked in mustard oil. The main ingredients in this dish are pumpkin and potato. A saag popularly called Pui is also an essential ingredient. This dish has all the flavours of sweet, spicy, and salty in it.

·         ChanarDalna: The thick gravy with a decent quantity of onion and tomato is supposed to be made with Chenna dumpling. The size of chenna balls can be different according to your need. Fry and enjoy

These were the must try vegetarian dishes of Bengal. One can get the recipe of doipotol very easily with the step to step instructions.

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