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How ToTake Control of Modafinil Tolerance

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Are you developing modafinil tolerance? Well, don’t worry as there are ways to take charge of the situation. If you are developing modafinil tolerance then it simply means that your brain is adapting as it tries to return to its baseline state. This is known as homeostasis and it is more likely to happen faster if you are taking modafinil when compared to other nootropics like Adderall and Xanax.

What is Tolerance?

For starters, tolerance is the diminishment of the efficacy of a drug when used over time, a feat that may lead to increased doses and escalated addictions in drugs like opioids. On a positive note now, tolerance is reversible but it depends on how frequently you take the drug and the doses you take. Let’s just say,  if you purchase modafinil online, you can get tolerant if you take the pills frequently over a long period of time. So, what’s the way out of modafinil tolerance?

Take Magnesium

The first way to roll back your body back to its previous state is by taking magnesium. Magnesium is known medically in the role it plays in the brain, sitting at the pore of NDMA receptors thus reducing hyper excitability. This mechanism plays a massive role in the realm of addiction, tolerance, and withdrawal. You can just find any type of magnesium in the market and it will help you do the job. For instance, you could try magnesium l-threonate, Glycine or D-cycloserine.

Take Some Breaks FromModafinil

The most recommended way of dealing with modafinil tolerance is to break the modafinil intake cycle for a while. It means staying modafinil free for some time. You can do so by reducing the number of pills you order in modafinil purchase you make so that you can try and break the cycle. If you can’t steer away from this cycle then some users have recommended alternating modafinil with Phenylpiracetam which depicts similar effects but weaker when compared to modafinil.  Still, reducing your modafinil purchase for a while can help you reduce tolerance.

Take Grapefruit

Past research has shown that grapefruits inhibitCYP3A4 thus it can, in turn, affect the pharmacokinetics of modafinil. This is because buying modafinil induces CYP3A4which in turn means that grapefruits can reduce the tolerance effect.

Know the Honeymoon Phase

You should also be keen on what is known as the honeymoon phase. This is astage where after you start a new drug, you feel like the effects aren’t as powerful. This may occur due to various mechanisms like the placebo effect and zero tolerance. Thus you shouldn’t confuse the honeymoon phase with drug tolerance. Just keep in mind that you are more likely to experience the honeymoon phase if you are new to drugs.

Last but not least, some people have suggested switching to Armodafinil as a way of combating modafinil tolerance but this has no scientific backing. In fact, modafinil has got Armodafinil as an ingredient already which implies that this method may not work. 

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