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How Significant It Gets to Maintain Health Conditions in Reality?

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Health is more than just a bad or good feeling, an exterior artistic look, or numbers on a medicinal chart. Health is the all-embracing state of who we are as people. Regrettably, health has been misinterpreted in one’s society, distorted by the media, and deformed to be used synonymously with things like physical strength or thinness. Actually, true health is the connection of one’s mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and social state of being at any one time. According to John Clemenza, health is the most significant aspect of one’s existence. It affects people every moment of the day, can change instantaneously or eventually, and is the number one determinant of the route one’s life takes.

Health is defined by wellness in the subsequent areas.

Physical Health

As health expert John Clemenza says, physical health is the state that your physical systems and structures are in at any given time. It encompasses what you sense and what you feel. When your corporal health is not in homeostasis you experience symptoms and signs internally and externally. This can include headaches, pain, rashes, or anything that manifests itself bodily on or within your body.

Emotional and Mental Health

Mental health refers to the state of your mind and your capacity to balance your emotions. It includes how you respond to the life situations you encounter, daily stress, and how self-aware you are. Poor emotional and mental health is harder to distinguish, and more contentious to acknowledge, than physical health. Individuals might be aware of their poor mental health but reluctant to do anything to heal or correct it. Mental health issues are not something to be embarrassed of however, and are just as significant as physical health problems. Seeking pharmaceutical assistance, counseling, or practicing daily self-care is nothing to be mortified of.

Social Health

As humans, individuals thrive on relations with others. Social health involves the types and quality of relationships you have with the individuals in your life like friends, family, mentors, classmates and co-workers. They are all significant and they all affect your social health in some way. Social health also is a computation of how well you get by with others. This gauges your open-mindedness and tolerance to people who live differently or are different from you. The ability to maintain and develop friendships is so significant. Individuals need physical and emotional support to be whole.

Spiritual Health

While spiritual health can have something to do with a person’s religiosity, it is not a stipulation to be involved in a religious community. Spiritual health involves being able to distinguish right from wrong and to query the meaning of one’s existence.

No area is more significant than the other. It is possible to be doing well in some aspects, while affliction is occurring in others. The key to in general health is the old chestnut- Balance. Not an easy practice or concept. But the more one increase one’s focus on working towards homeostasis in the four areas cited above, the happier and healthier one will be. Health and happiness are inextricably connected.

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