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How Marma And Pulse Diagnosis Works As Natural Treatment Method?

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Stress is common in everyday life, and it causes certain disease in people. The key ailment that stress would cause is the energy loss. The human body would feel the blockage of energy flow, which would result in depression and other ailments. Alternative treatment methods like Marma therapy and pulse diagnosis are helpful. Dr. Pankaj Naram is considered as one of the best in the Marma healing and pulse diagnosis process and has helped many patients. Many ailments can be cured by following alternative medicine therapies.

Marma treatment method for curing ailments

Marma ailment method is used to remove energy blockage, this would help in the free flow of energy, and this would ensure that diseases are healed. Marma considers many doorways in the human body if cleaned would ensure the betterment of the person. The mind is also considered as a part of Marma healing process.

Marma healing process would divide human body into seven energy channels or chakras and there are minor Marma points that are spread across torso and limb. The points would be having a depth of one inch to six inches.

There are 22 marma points in the arms and lower extremities that are considered as an important point in the body. The chest and stomach have 12 points that are vital to energy healing. The blockages are removed, and this would help in improving mind condition.

There would be a relief from chronic and acute pain that would have been a problem for a person for a long time. Marma therapy is used to ensure that detoxification takes place and there would be an improvement in immunity of all body organs and would help in physiological and neural issues. Marma therapy would help in improving skin tone and texture, and it would help in releasing elements that are needed for good sleep.

The energy levels of a person are controlled using marma therapy, and this would help in mind and body rejuvenation. There would be a treatment for headaches and back pain.

Pulse diagnosis method for treatment

Pulse diagnosis method in English medicine is different from natural treatment method. In English method, the blood pressure is checked, and treatment is based only on that blood pressure result. In natural treatment like pulse diagnosis, the overall health of the body is checked, and 28 different qualities of a pulse are checked in alternative natural treatment.

A fast pulse in natural treatment would mean that there would be excess heat inside the body that may be caused by fever. There would be a cause of inflammation or a possible stress on the nervous system and good experts like Dr. Pankaj Naram can diagnose using pulse and can start effective treatment. A slow pulse system would be deemed as a body that is functioning as sluggish or as cold. There could be problems that are related to blood flow, feet, etc. Weak pulse would show a low immunity, and a strong high pulse would highlight the possibility of blood pressure and other life-related jobs. A slipping pulse would indicate a low digestion that can cause more problems in the future.

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