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Expectations Post Rhinoplasty- Reshaping Your Nose and Enhancing Facial Beauty

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From celebrities to common people, Rhinoplasty is a surgery that is being undertaken by masses of individuals in the present day scenario. People have sort of become obsessed with perfect appearances and hence so do everything within their capacity to get a face that is perfect in every way. This is perhaps the driving force behind the increasing number of nose surgery or Rhinoplasty patients. One of the eminent names in this field is that of Dr. Dean Toriumi who has an entirely separate centre dedicated to all sorts of facial plastic surgeries, at Chicago.

The facial plastic surgery centre of Dr. Dean Toriumi houses extremely dedicated and efficient staff who along with Dr. Toriumi strive to provide each patient with the most satisfactory surgery of their lives. Their goal is to provide absolutely natural looking results based on the specifications of the patient.

The surgery begins with a general or local anesthesia following which the surgeon makes incisions on the bones and cartilages supporting the nose, after removing the skin of the nose. The reshaping takes place on the supportive elements and if need arises tissues taken from other body parts are added; synthetic fillers are an alternative for tissues from elsewhere in the body. After this the skin is again draped on the nose as it was previously and a splint is placed outside the nose to lend it a support in growing into the new shape.

You should expect to get the bandage and splint removed within one week of your surgery; one of the most common after effects of a Rhinoplasty is swelling and puffy feeling around the eyes and nose area. Bruises are also not uncommon for several days after the surgery; however, this can be brought under control by administering cold compresses to the affected area. Often the doctors prescribe pain killers to keep the pain bearable.

The healing of the bruises and swelling can be expected to take at least a fortnight, during which you need to ensure certain things like, keeping your head raised and stable for a few days after the surgery. Strenuous activities are forbidden for many days after undergoing the surgery; but it all depends on the severity of the surgery.

A Rhinoplasty may either be majorly or minorly significant; some individuals may not need too much rectification of the nose while some others may. Depending largely on this is the process of recovery. Any good Rhinoplasty surgeon will have discussed all of this with you before attempting the surgery. Always keep in mind that you need to gather enough knowledge and understanding of the entire procedure of a surgery before undergoing it.

It is hence that you should never neglect the fact of considering a few surgeons before finalizing on any one. Basing your selection of a Rhinoplasty surgeon merely on the recommendation of a friend or acquaintance is not a very good idea; it may cost you your nose, for all you know!

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