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An important phenomenon during pregnancy - Pap Smear

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Pregnancy is most probably the best news for the parents in their lifetime. A woman feels complete being a mother but this divine situation may completely change into distress because of abnormal pap smear during pregnancy.

But what is abnormal pap smear

Pap smear is a test done during pregnancy for screening and detecting if there any presence of cervical cell abnormalities and cervical cancer in the expectant’s body. This test is done by health care providers by taking sample of surface cells present on the cervix. With a small brush the surface cells are collected by the doctors and are send for evaluation in a specialized lab.

Thus changes in the cells of the cervix are cited which indicate cervical cancer and it’s condition during pregnancy. But through pap smear cancer cannot be diagnosed but it can easily detect cervical cancer at the stage when it cannot be seen with naked eye. Doctor recommends that all women should do a pap smear test at age of 21. And it should be continued every in 3 years until any woman reach 29 years of age. After this women can test it with a gap of 5 years to stay safe and sound. And in between thorough pelvic exams, other tests regarding health issues and breast exams should be done.

What are the causes of cervical cancer and how much it is common?

Cervical cancer causes due to human papillomavirus. Cervical cancer has much causality even death used to happen because of it. But in recent days due to regular screening with pap smear test the risk of death from cervical cancer decreases to some extent. As a result cervical cancer is diagnosed and gets treated from early stages.  During pap smear test some may result with irregular cells to many highly abnormal cell changes.

In most case minor changes in your cell structure will become normal by the time of birth of your baby. Cervical cancer could lead to a compromising situation for your pregnancy and can spread to other areas of the body which is the reason on why treatment is important.

So no need to worry as neither cervical cancer doesn’t progress because of your pregnancy or with it nor it will outcast a negative effect on pregnancy. So those are cursed with it may avail treatment which depends on several factors concerning the stage of cancer and pregnancy trimester. In some cases abnormal pap smear during early pregnancy is also observed. So it is must that pregnant ladies with this type of ailment should consult experienced cancer specialists and counsellors without any haste. And in case those experience minor cellular changes will normalise after her childbirth. Pap smears and colonoscopies should must be performed in case of moderate and severe cellular changes until delivery.
If you have any questions pertaining to an abnormal pap smear, it is recommended that you get in touch with your doctor. They will provide you with a detailed evaluation course and a personal plan.

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