Social Hauz Khas Is The Perfect Place For The Casual Parties

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There is nothing blissful than dining at a wonderful restaurant. Delhi has many eminent restaurants-cum-bars in various parts of the city to satisfy the gastronomical requirement of all the types of foodies out there. Social Hauz Khas is one of the most offbeat and prominent restaurants, you will ever find in Delhi. It’s the brainchild of the accomplished restaurateur, Riyaaz Amlani whose main objective was to develop and foster communities over fine dining experiences.

The terrace is available for any nature loving people with a gorgeous view of the Hauz Khas Fort and the lake. In addition to that, the open view terrace is the right choice for a perfect evening date. The Social Hauz Khas supports interaction between people. It’s the best place for freelance artists. They can get their creative juices flowing with an awesome range of dishes and in presence of the great view.

At first glance, you will think it’s just a nice place with a rugged and unfinished interior. However, it’s way more than just a great place for dining. Speaking of its unique features, it offers the incorporation of office and cafĂ© life, a terrific terrace view and awesome food and drinks. For a paltry 5000/- per month, any one can own a space on the first floor from 9 AM to 6 PM. A conference room is also available for them for holding any meetings. It becomes a full party place for youngsters, after the 6 PM.

The way the crockeries are labeled in Hindi is distinct and magnificent. The whole place is built keeping in mind the young generation that just loves to hang out in a cool and calm way. The food & drinks are extremely delicious. The amazing presentation and the great music will leave you spellbound for your entire stay. The casual vibe of the place is incomparable to other restaurants in its vicinity.

While other restaurants prefer western or classy ambiance, Social Hauz Khas perfectly embodies the Indian and casual ambiance. The place remains normally jam packed, even on weekdays. Better book from online to avoid waiting for your table. 

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Best Tips You Need To Motivate Yourself

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Motivation plays an important role in the successful completion of nearly every task. The absence of motivation can delay or make the task inefficient. For this motivation problem the researchers have found some brisk approaches to get you more motivated and engaged so that you can work smarter. Let’s check out some great tips which you need to motivate yourself. These tips are based on the results of recent scientific studies.

Green Maeng Da Kratom

Herb Kratom comes in different forms like Red Vein, Ultra Enhanced Indo (UEI) Kratom, Bali Kratom, Green Malay, etc. People from different parts of the world are consuming Kratom for different purposes including health benefits like weight loss, pain killer, self confidence, overcoming stress, anxiety and depression. Green Maeng Da is also a Kratom herb. It is one of the best strains for boosting the Motivation.

Green Maeng Da Kratom has a very lively impact and in addition comprehension upgrading impacts. The anxiolytic impacts additionally advantage the students and boost their mood. These impacts are used by students while they are having exams, to help them keep their motivation level high.

Strike High Power Pose

Your body language is significantly more essential than you think. It influences how you're seen by others. It's true that holding your body in a specific position changes your impression towards others. Poses are of two kinds: low and high. According to researchers, high power pose is a sign of motivated person, as it increases your testosterone level and makes you confident.

A high power pose is basically keeping your body open as opposed to slouched up. That implies chest out, arms spread, and no hunch. In simple words, it implies that you take up a lot of space.

See Some Green

Different colors influence us to think about specific things. Just as the red color is usually associated with danger, it also draws the attention of others. Similarly green is regarded as the best motivation booster according to two studies conducted. A glimpse of the green color also sparks creativity.

If you are looking for motivation, consider surrounding yourself with green. Go outside in the park, or other place with greenery. Other than looking green you will significantly feel much better after getting some air. You can also plant trees in your garden and around your house.

Eat Chocolates

Chocolates are another great source of increasing motivation because of the presence of the organic chemical dopamine in it. They are delicious, readily available and have positive effects on the brain and body. Chocolates promote stimulation and calm because of the increase in neurotransmitter and serotonin level. Other foods containing organic chemical for motivation are fish, avocados, eggs, blueberries, almonds, bananas, etc.

Final Words

I have explained some great tips in this article to assist you to motivate yourself. You can try these techniques to check which ones work best for you and make them part of your daily life. If you have found any other tip that you would like to share, please do it in the comments below.

Truth regarding used gym equipment packages

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In today’s hectic lifestyle, health takes a hit. In order to keep yourself fit and healthy, people keep themselves physically active by either joining gymnasiums or bringing the gym home. In order to have a home gym, machines have to be purchased. These machines can be very expensive and seem like an impossible dream. To make this dream into a reality, you can choose to own used gym equipment packages that you can buy in almost half the price. Many gym equipments are sold together as packages and costs even more cheaper.

Many things have to be considered before deciding to buy used gym equipment packages. Rechecking and evaluating your need would be the first step. Your health status, your physical limitations will determine which machines will be conducive to use. Try the equipment in the gym first and then decide.

Categories.- Used gym equipments come under three basic categories and all three are priced differently because it is i.e. with damages. When you bring it home, you might find wear and tear, which might end up being very expensive to repair. You can negotiate more for machines in this category. 2) Machine Serviced of their conditions. 1) As-is- this category is the least expensive. You buy the machine in the very state it is in. 2) Maintained and cleaned- in this category, heavily worn out parts of the machines are replaced and provides you longer shelf life. 3) Remanufactured- the machines are rebuilt to look and feel just like new. When buying you should know, which part of the machine has been refurbished.

What mix of gym equipments do you want in your gym? Is an important question to be answered. Consider buying only the machines you need. Customize the package according to your requirements and not because the dealer has included it in your gym equipment packages.

Enquire the dealer regarding the machines you are planning to buy. Find out if the equipment is safe enough, how much it cost when it was new, is it damaged or in good condition, how old is it, why are you selling, does it work, has any repair work done on it, is any part missing, Try the equipments before buying. Go for good brands, they will last longer. Equipment dealer should be reliable and trustworthy. Find out whether he has sold any faulty equipments before. Check whether equipments have relevant certification to meet health and safety demands.

After bringing the machines home, you should maintain it well. Any wear and tear should be taken care of immediately. Rust, corrosion and cracks also need to be attended. No warranty is given when buying used machines. That is a risk factor because you do not know how many years it will run and how much you will have to pay for repairs.

Consider all the above points and come to the right conclusion. The used gym equipment packages or brand new ones? Whatever the choice, focus should always remain on your health.

Latest Updates on Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Causes of rheumatoid arthritis: Unfortunately this complaint is an autoimmune condition that affects women more than men. When your body is required to go into ‘fight mode’ to attack an infection e.g. bacteria or a virus, the immune system will produce something called an ‘antibody’. This is a normal response by the body and it is necessary in order to fight the infection.

 The immune system will unfortunately attack the layers of cells called membranes (synovium) that are surrounding the joints. The Synovium membrane make a fluid called synovial fluid, which is there to help the joints be moveable and loosened. The body will send the antibodies to the synovium, which in turn makes the joint hot and inflamed. The antibodies completely engulf around the joint.
Unfortunately the synovium covering the joint then gets swollen and sore resulting in chemicals being release causing the synovium to begin to become denser and then this begins to impact on the bones, tendons, cartilage and ligament of the affected joint.

The chemical that is released is called cytokines. The cytokines are a protein that are produced by cells and act as messengers between different cells in the body.

When they do this, the inflammationthat is connected to the rheumatoid arthritis not only affects the bones and joints but can also affect:

  • Eyes – causing dryness.
  • Chest – pain if the heart or lungs are affected (inflammation of the organ tissue).
  • Nerves – through compression due to swelling.
  • Blood vessels – thickening can lead to restriction of blood flow to the organs and tissues and can be life threatening
When someone is suffering from rheumatoid arthritis they can have a cheap massage in Lincolnshire to help with symptoms.  Regular use of massage therapy treatment is proven to help with the pain including self massage and attending a therapist. 

It can improve flexibility and the general range of movement of a person.  It is also known to promote and helpbetter sleep, so in turn relieving of sore muscles and general aches and pains.  The act of massage on the body sends signals to the brain to ease and alleviate pain and discomfort by releasing chemicals to reduce stress in the body.
Main signs and Symptoms of Arthritis can be:

  • Joint pain – usually throbbing and achy
  • Joint swelling and hot to the touch
  • Joint stiffness in the affected area especially in the morning after less activity
Some people may suffer with secondary signs and symptoms which can include:

  • Weight loss
  • Lack of energy
  • Sweating or fever
  • Poor appetite

Along with massage for relieve you can use hot and cold compresses on the localized joint to help with the swelling and pain.  Lots of people report that this really helps and is the easiest.  However this is only a very short term solution to the pain that you may have and a way to get quick relief.  

Of course over the counter medicines that help with inflammation  can also help or if this is not sufficient consult with your GP for a prescription drug.  Perhaps using a mixture of treatments would be a good way to go! Do what suits you and helps to relieve your pains and aches.

7 Fitness Hacks That Will Make Your Life Better

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Staying fit, strong and healthy is a worthwhile adventure. However, to many people, this is an uphill task to accomplish due to their busy schedules, especially those who have a lot of work to do besides keeping fit.

The best way to stay healthy is by sparing few minutes of your time every day, and engages in a healthcare workout session. Below are 7 fitness hacks that will make your life better:
Drink a glass of water in the morning

A popular English adage says that ‘water is life’. It aids your digestive system to function better. You can never go wrong by taking water; it rehydrates and cleanses your body. It boosts your immune system and body’s metabolism.

Taking a glass of water in the morning will flush out all poisonous substances from your body. The more water you take, the more toxins are pushed out of your body, the better you perform.

Further research says that taking water with a piece of lemon on it would be more effective than taking ordinary cold water, because lemon water flushes out the toxins in your body faster than cold water. Also, it aids in digestion.

Besides, lemon is an immune booster, and very rich in Vitamin C. Lemon water will have a positive effect on you faster and enables you to lose weight. Regular intake of water will automatically fill your stomach, thereby reducing the volume of food you take. Water is more important to your health than food.


The importance of regular exercise to your health development can never be overemphasized. All you need to do now is to hit the gym. Hitting the gym doesn’t mean that you must engage in strenuous workouts, or do weightlifting.

The beauty of regular exercise is that it will make your body stronger and more flexible.  Also, it will help you to sweat. When you sweat, your body will excretes waste product of metabolism. When you are done with any form of exercise, you will notice that your body will feel relaxed and lighter.

However, you must not go to gym, you can decide to do your workouts at home by jogging or running once in a while.  It could be fun when you have someone you can jog or run with. Having someone to jog with can help in regulating your mind, and keeping your minds away from any stress or pain you may be passing through.

Eat Healthy

To live better, you need to eat healthy. Obviously, nothing is wrong with eating some of your favorite sugary or fatty meals. But, it is necessary you regulate it. Make sure you eat balanced diet that are filled with proteins, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates etc.

 Don’t be an unhealthy eater. Unhealthy eaters usually have issues with their emotions, because they are often feel depressed, sad and end up unhappy or unfulfilled due to their weight. When someone is overweight, it affects their social life, and this can give rise to physiological depressions.

Play Games

Instead of lazing around, try to bring out the kid in you by watching people who play games. Find time, go out and engage in any lovely sports of your choice, it could be lawn tennis, rugby, football, basketball or any other activity that suits you.

Plan your day

It’s always awesome to plan your day very well. Make a list of all the things you would like to achieve in a day or a week.

It will become more interesting if you are able to accomplish all the things you have set out to achieve during the day. This will push you to action, and motivate you to achieve even more than you have ever imagined.

Make a playlist and enjoy music
Everyone has a specific list of music that can complement their workout sessions. The actual magic here is that you can get together list of music that corresponds with the amount of time you intend to workout.

You can create a playlist that lasts for three hours. The music will be playing while you do the workout. You can use this medium to time yourself without looking at your watch. You can just stop the workout once the music stops, because you have spent three hours, your planned workout time.

When in doubt, YouTube It

Gym memberships are always very expensive. Thus, most people who would like to do gym cannot afford it. However, the most effective way of cutting down on those memberships is by working out at home. You can do this by making maximum use of the available free resources on YouTube. There are many free tutorials here that can help you to get back on track.

Were these healthcare tips beneficial to you? Share your ideas with us below!

Author Bio:

Ryan Varela is the CEO of Boost Health Insurance which provides customized and affordable health care plans for thousands of customers across the United States. Ryan has nearly a decade of experience in the health care industry and continues to serve the greater need to educate and deliver access to affordable options to those who need health care the most.
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The Alex Rodriguez Story

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Alex Rodriguez has been in the limelight all through his sporting career because of his illustrious record and sporting achievements. Rodriguez was one of the sport's most highly touted prospects and is considered one of the greatest baseball players of all time. Off late he has come under the scanner for all the wrong reasons. He was found to have tested positive for performance enhancing drugs.

In February 2009, after previously denying use of performance-enhancing drugs, including during a 2007 interview with Katie Couric on 60 Minutes, Rodriguez admitted to using steroids, saying he used them from 2001 to 2003 when playing for Rangers due to "an enormous amount of pressure" to perform.
For readers who are not aware, steroids are banned for sports persons and athletes who engage in competitive sports. The tests revealed that Rodriguez used synthetic testosterone. This came after the player had recorded impressive performance for his team, the Texas Rangers.With more than five percent of the samples taken from players in 2003 coming back positive, mandatory testing of major league baseball players began in 2004, with penalties for violations.

The 2003 test results were supposed to remain anonymous and the samples destroyed. He never knew that his name was in the list of those who were identified. Rodriguez said he was never told that he was among the 104 players who tested positive, only that a tip came in August 2004 from Gene Orza of the MLBPA that he "may or may not have" failed his 2003 test.

Eventually he came out confessing to have used steroids and deeply regretting the same. Although he is said to be one of the best players in the history of baseball, the Biogenesis scandal undermined his Hall of Fame chances. Due to his immense popularity and contribution to the game, there is still huge number of fans who believes that he still deserves a spot in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

The outbreak of this news brought to the open a scandal that had been going on in the baseball league for a period. It emerged that a good number of major league players were using performance enhancers. Their main supplier of steroids was a man by the name Anthony Bosch. He was a sports doctor as well as founder and owner of Biogenesis of America. This was a rejuvenation clinic that he used to supply performance enhancing drugs to major league players.

The revelation of the scandal and the court cases that followed, lead to Anthony Bosch serving four years in jail. On the other hand, as Rodriguez used synthetic testosterone, he was suspended for the remainder of the 2014 season although he later appealed the decision. After some time, he withdrew the appeal.Testosterone, an androgenic hormone, responsible for the development of muscle tissue, enhancing strength and promoting bone density was detected in his body.

Also he was found to have used Primobolan, which is a popular oral anabolic steroid that is popular among athletes and sportsmen. The drug results in a boost in strength, power and speed, all of which contribute to successful performance on the field. Rodriguez also reportedly received HGH from Biogenesis as well.

The story of Alex Rodriguez steroids use and his biography should act as a deterrent to future generations who might be lured into using performance enhancing drugs.
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What Jackie Sanfilippo Feels the Way About Nature Being the Key to Perfection?

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Nature exists in an optimal way, with the perfect equilibrium between gravity and friction, which when disrupted by catastrophes, natural or manmade, has this way of acclimatizing; a fascinating way that one feels compelled to analyze. 

When the two forces of gravity and friction become incompatible with Nature, higher forces must be addressed reverentially, so as to convert natural disasters into positive adaptation to reinstate equilibrium, in the same way one’s minds have the prospective to work when people need to deal with catastrophes, changing kinetic minds to thinking, thermal minds, to assist in dry or fluid matters. It is in this way that Nature transmits energy to create order and harmony. One would almost consider that Nature has a mind of her own.

This 'mindset' is coefficient to attain equilibrium; it is obligatory for her evolution and must be permitted for in striking the optimal balance in Nature. It is in this stipend for the severe limits that she sometimes inexorably loses ground in chase of her dreams, sometimes even having to submit to the avalanche of her determination. This promotes tolerant consciousness and thoughts are born intrinsically, ensuing in the strong-minded power of which Nature is actually capable and exhibits.

According to Jackie Sanfilippo , the planet, its people and entropy are all subject to the thermodynamics of God. For this motive, Nature knows respect, but individuals do not. What seems like independent phenomena, Nature knows, is the contact of a Super power, a Super being, a Supernatural, Strong, electromagnetic Force-God onto this world. It is ordered, divine, harmonious and symmetrical, between all the gravity and friction, space and time, against all the tides and currents, storms and dread, amidst all the forests and fires. Nature approves herself and adjusts, creating even better equilibrium than before to re-center and thus recover her optimum equilibrium to fullness and wholeness.

As experiences are pushed upon her, she metabolizes a dense feeling, of love, joy and universal respect that is unbeatable. Her mountains encircle her with optimistic energy, ethereal quantum of it. Supported and protected, she is authorized and her soul and mind are blown into whirlwinds that travel to other cosmos and back, while busy, energetic cities, peaceful beaches, countryside, maintain the sufficient balance that Nature yearns. Nature comprehends the supremacy of multi-verses, the sun, moon, stars, planets, rains gods, galaxies, faith, hope and love. She considers in her own power to figure who she will become, knowing the power of five forces that pull at her head and feet, that let her journey, reason and purpose, though some say she has none, and one Great power that directs it, then she herself deliberately determines it.

As Jackie Sanfilippo says, Nature forges on to time without end. She is the epitome of stunning, everlastingly thankful, with hopes for abundant consciousness, grand unification, and persistent joy, beyond time and space. Nature is continually pruning and nurturing her body, soul and mind. The whole of Nature persevering until she becomes renowned to a degree of Perfection. If mankind would only imitate her, oh what a healthier place the earth would be.
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Benefits of choosing dentists in Brampton

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Services from professional dental surgeons and doctors are essential not just for the looks of your face but also for overall oral health. It is essential for you to look out for those who are experienced and can also treat and prevent the occurrence of various periodontal disorders.

This is mainly because all of these can be a great cause of heart attacks, cardiovascular diseases, and pancreatic cancer as well. Irrespective of the place where you are put up in it is essential to secure the specialized Kennedy Square Dental services provided by an expert and reliable surgeons there. They will help ensure long term gum and dental care for sure.
Choosing a dental clinic with medical experts will make a lot of things easy for you. You can also be sure a wide array of dentistry services provided by them. Below mentioned are top benefits of choosing a renowned dentist for you and your family.

Easy to schedule appointments for the entire family:

Choosing a family dentist with absolute care can make too many things easy for you. You will never have to run around for yearly appointments, oral surgeries or even some cosmetic work which you wish to get done. Choosing on these will offer you the luxury of making one phone call and getting an appointment registered for everyone in the family. Some of them will also schedule same day appointments for you making life little bit easier.

Can receive a variety of dental services:

When you are making an appointment with the dental clinic for your family you will not be restricted to a 6-month or yearly cleaning. A lot of family dentists are known to offer a variety of services. These can include bonding, cosmetic dentistry, root canal, tooth bridge repair and lot more. You can also feel free to ask them for dental implants if you want. Some will also offer oral sedation for your family members who have some phobia. You thus need to look out for someone who is the best and will help you in every concern by offering multiple services.

Flexible and convenient hours:

Only a family dentist will understand that your schedule will not stick to normal workday hours. They will be able to offer you with a time when you are comfortable with. They will also tell you about all the extra care and aspects to remember when you go there are get all the treatment properly done. 

Even if you are a single parent or then both with a tough job to go to every day a family dentist will always adjust and offer you things accordingly. You will never have to rush from one commitment to the next just to get the treatment done. Whatever your situation may be the family dentist you choose will be willing to work with you and offer you services accordingly.

To now get the best and know all about Kennedy Square Dental you can visit us on Google Plus, Yelp or Facebook

The Bengali’s Vegetarian Dishes!

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When we talk about Bengal, the first thing comes to mind is that everyone in this state eats fish, but it is certainly not true. It is true that most of the Bengalis love eating non-veg, but there are some very delicious veg recipes. The Bengali veg recipes are divided into two part, the first is Bhaja(fried vegetable), and another is torkari(curried vegetable). Now, all the Bengalis are preparing for DurgaPooja, and you can get the recipes online. Here are some veg dishes which will make you forget all the popular dishes of Bengal:

·         Shukto: This is a dish with a combination of bitter and sweet taste. It a very healthy dish as this dish is made up of bitter gourd called karela with other ingredients like potato, brinjal, and beans. The curry is best served with boiled rice. The dish can take some good time to cook.

·         DhokarDalna:Dhokar is a square shaped cake made up of dal. The paste of chana dal and dried white peas is mixed up and then steamed in a boiler. The riot of flavours and textures make an amazing taste.

·         Began Bhaja: This dish is none other than fried brinjal. You don’t believe; this is seriously very yummy and crisp. A sprinkle of little salt, turmeric and chilli powder can add to the flavor of the dish. The crispy exterior gives you a crunchy experience.

·         AlooPosto: As the name states the dish is all about the potato. It’s an easy to make a dish made from the poppy seed paste with green chillies and Kalonji as the bold flavouring element. The inexpensive dish is easy to make.

·         DoiPotol: it is very popular Bengal recipe, and it can be very spicy. In this recipe, pointed gourds are cooked in thick yogurt gravy. Search doi potol recipe online, and you must try this cuisine.

·         Dhonepata Bata: Basically, this is green chutney made from coriander leaves and green chilies. It can’t be eaten alone as this is really much spicier than what you are thinking. The addition of pudina can be made, and it is eaten with roti and bread.

·         Ghugni: This is an accomplishment to bread or chapatti. Made from dried white peas and with simple spices. The dish can tickle your tongue when served with chopped onion or chilies with a sprinkle of Garam Masala.

·         Lau Ghonto: it’s a very light dish which can be made anytime and eaten too. It tastes both sweet and salty. Dry fruit can also be added to garnish.

·         Labra: The mixture of mashed vegetables is cooked in mustard oil. The main ingredients in this dish are pumpkin and potato. A saag popularly called Pui is also an essential ingredient. This dish has all the flavours of sweet, spicy, and salty in it.

·         ChanarDalna: The thick gravy with a decent quantity of onion and tomato is supposed to be made with Chenna dumpling. The size of chenna balls can be different according to your need. Fry and enjoy

These were the must try vegetarian dishes of Bengal. One can get the recipe of doipotol very easily with the step to step instructions.
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Know everything about Anabolic

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Filling disgusted with weight or having a problem with people speaking about your weight. Visit the best place now available online which is going to provide with nebido long acting testosterone injection. With this one can very well get out of heavy weight problem and get into shapes. The testosterone has been an efficient and fast responding element.

This is often used by the bodybuilders who want to build a lean muscle mass with an added advantage to burn fat. These are being produced by underground labs with replacing element of the parabola. Utilized for building muscles and making the users stronger. This is not in the form of any injection just as a form of medication. There is no harm of aromatization or any extreme bad effect.

Continuing with a lot of androgenic abilities this is going to provide with night sweating and do also reduces the ability of doing cardio. With using this one can also expect to experience sleeplessness during the night with night sweats and wild dreams. For the reason it is often prescribed to take lot of water because it dehydrates body with sweating process with the help of Nebido long-acting testosterone injection.
Certain times the recovery period is said to be bad, so preferred to use HCG to combat it. This is mostly recommended for players or athletes who work hard for enhancing their performances ensure the perfection ability. Considering potential impact, this is quite strong with a lot of androgenic effect of TBAL. With using this muscular tissues empower themselves during the workout process, confirming a great strength and power. This is believed to act great than the actual testosterone. One can really expect the great result after consuming it. Testosterone is believed to reduce the cortisol level. This is known to damage the muscles and the ability to absorb minerals. These are what are necessary to develop muscle tissue and muscle growth.

This can be used for cutting cycle as it makes the muscle harder. Rather can change the way one looks because of it hardens the muscles. As believed to help loose fat, it also carries a lot of androgenic properties.

For this reason this is particularly not recommended for women. But is a good element for body builders and athletes. This carries the ability to enhance the feed efficiency and help one absorb the minerals better. For these reason this is suggested to be used alone rather than starting it with other anabolic drugs.

The consumption amount is preferred to be within 75 mg to 100 Gms and preferably the dosages might change further with requirement of the body. These before consumption are necessary to be verified under the prescription from the physicians who are going to provide with a perfect dose chart as per the weight of the person.

This is because a higher dosage might lead to unhealthy action in future. For the reason it is important that we must take a proper consultation before consuming it from the doctors who will guide in a perfect way relating to its consumption.
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15 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

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Metabolism is defined as the complex set of chemical and physical processes that occur within the cells of your body to maintain life. The cells in the body break down food to produce the energy needed for vital functions in the body. When you consume more food than your body needs, weight gain will occur. This is why it is essential that you know how to boost your metabolism.

Caffeinate your metabolism - Caffeine is a stimulant that increases metabolism by speeding up the central nervous system. Additionally, coffee and green tea provides the body with antioxidants to combat oxidative stress and inflammation throughout the body.

Chew your food - The National Institutes of Health report that eating slowly has been associated with eating fewer calories at one sitting. It takes approximately 20 minutes for cholecystokinin to alert your brain that you are full. If you slow down and chew your food, you will consume less food and increase your weight loss efforts.

Exercise boosts metabolism - Exercising increases your metabolism by activating the muscles in the body. Additionally, even after you stop exercising, your metabolism remains increased for a period of time. This is referred to as excess post exercise oxygen consumption.

Fidgeting for weight loss - Did you know that bouncing your legs can help you lose weight? Non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) is the scientific term for fidgeting. Fidgeting can increase the number of calories that you burn daily by as much as 350 calories.

Laugh to lose -
Laughter is great medicine when it comes to weight loss. When you laugh, you increase your energy consumption that is the number of calories burned. Additionally, laughter improves your mood and decreases stress levels.

Mid-afternoon snacks - Most people begin to feel hungry around 3:00 pm. If you try to wait until dinner, you are more likely to overeat. Eating a small healthy snack like an apple with peanut butter, Greek yogurt and berries or cottage cheese and fruit keeps your metabolism up and prevents you from over eating at dinnertime.

Multiply your metabolism with a multivitamin - There are several vitamins that can help to increase your metabolism. B vitamins help the body metabolize proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Vitamin D, on the other hand, helps the body to use energy from the foods that you consume. Magnesium is needed for the production of enzymes in the body. These enzymes help to digest food, control glucose levels and keep the central nervous system functioning properly. Taking a multivitamin that supports healthy metabolism will help increase your weight loss efforts.

Optimize with omega 3 fatty acids - Omega 3 fatty acids are healthy fats associated with heart health; however, many people do not realize that omega 3 fatty acids are also needed to increase metabolism and weight loss efforts by reducing insulin levels which help to minimize fat storage in the midsection.

Opt for organic - Conventional produce contains pesticides which can slow down your metabolism. Additionally, pesticides can also increase toxicity within the body, resulting in weight gain and inflammation. You can boost your metabolism by choosing organic produce and meats whenever possible.

Pack a punch with protein -
Protein helps to keep you feeling fuller, longer and reduce the metabolism drop that occurs during weight loss. Finally, protein helps to increase your metabolism because the body must work harder to digest, process and absorb the nutrients found in protein.

Pump up the probiotics -
Probiotics are healthy bacteria found in fermented foods like yogurt, pickles and sauerkraut. These probiotics help to speed up and improve digestion to ensure that you receive the maximum nutrients from your foods.

Spice it up - The heat found in peppers is capsaicin. Capsaicin increases the number of calories that are burned. Once you consume chili peppers, a thermogenic effect occur which allows you to burn an additional 90 calories.

Sleep your way to skinny - Sleep loss can affect the hormone balance in the body. When you do not get ample amounts of sleep, your adrenal glands will secrete excess cortisol levels which lead to weight gain. Getting at least 8 hours of sleep each night will minimize the production of stress hormones that cause weight gain.

Stand up - Did you know that sitting only burns 72 calories an hour while standing burns 129 calories hourly? Additionally, slowly pacing burns 143 calories an hour. When you are standing or walking, you engage more muscles, resulting in increased calorie consumption. You can increase your weight loss by simply standing and walking around whenever you have a phone call.

Water before meals - The Obesity journal published a study that reported that drinking 16 ounces of water 30 minutes before one meal can result in a 1.76 pound weight loss over the course of 12 weeks. Drinking 16 ounces of water before all meals will increase the weight loss over the course of 12 weeks to 9.84 pounds. It should be noted that the participants in the study were only allowed to drink pure water (no sparkling water, sweetened drinks or carbonated beverages).

Increasing your metabolism will help maximize your weight loss efforts. Exercise regularly, take a multivitamin, drink a glass of water before each meal and get at least 8 hours of sleep nightly to boost your metabolism.
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Here’s how Acupuncture can benefit Patients

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Acupuncture is not just a system for inserting very fine needles into certain parts of the body to alleviate pain or to treat illness; rather it is a complete medical procedure which primarily focuses on adjusting imbalances of energy in the body. This treatment protocol is often regarded as a holistic health technique that starts from Traditional Chinese Medicine practices in which skilled practitioners stimulate particular points on the body by injecting thin needles.

Today acupuncture is considered as one of the most common practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the West. Splankna Therapy Institute is a reputed institute that teaches non-professionals and Christian counselors in an inner healing procedure based on the acupuncture system.

As the healing procedure of the institute is based on acupuncture; it is important to understand the benefits that the acupuncture system offers:

  • It has already been proven that a thorough acupuncture treatment can help in reducing migraines and headaches.

  • In patients with chronic low back pain, it has been found that acupuncture treatment can be quite effective. Also it can reduce arthritis, back and neck pain, shoulder pain and chronic headache.

  • It has been found that acupuncture combined with medications or herbal treatments can help in treating insomnia. And the best part of the acupuncture treatment is that unlike the conventional sleep medications one do not suffer from any side effects or adverse effects.

  • Several studies have showed that acupuncture can help improve resistance power in an individual and speed up recovery after cancer treatments. The acupuncture session helps in keeping the platelet count in check and prevents a decrease in healthy cells after chemotherapy or radiation therapy.  In addition to this, it has also been found that patients after taking acupuncture treatment experienced less pain and have been able to lead a better quality life with a decrease in various side effects of chemotherapy, for example nausea.

  • It has been found that acupuncture system can also help in preventing age-related cognitive diseases such as Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Many physicians are now suggesting acupuncture during pregnancy, labor and postpartum stage as it helps to reduce stress, ease the anxiety and balance hormones, and pain of labor during pregnancy. This treatment is considered safe for many of the common symptoms in the course of pregnancy as well as after the baby is born to help with any depression, mood swings, physical or mental symptoms the mother may face.

  • Acupuncture increases the rate of metabolism which is vital for maintaining body weight. This medical treatment supports weight loss by stimulating the system as a whole.

  • In the modern day lifestyle, digestive problems are quite common. These problems can be treated easily with acupuncture therapy. Aiming certain points, this therapy speeds up the digestive system and helps improve the metabolism rate.
So, it can be said that acupuncture helps in treating a number of diseases.

Splankna Therapy Institute is the only institute that uses “energy psychology” procedure in existence that is based on the Biblical worldview.
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How Marma And Pulse Diagnosis Works As Natural Treatment Method?

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Stress is common in everyday life, and it causes certain disease in people. The key ailment that stress would cause is the energy loss. The human body would feel the blockage of energy flow, which would result in depression and other ailments. Alternative treatment methods like Marma therapy and pulse diagnosis are helpful. Dr. Pankaj Naram is considered as one of the best in the Marma healing and pulse diagnosis process and has helped many patients. Many ailments can be cured by following alternative medicine therapies.

Marma treatment method for curing ailments

Marma ailment method is used to remove energy blockage, this would help in the free flow of energy, and this would ensure that diseases are healed. Marma considers many doorways in the human body if cleaned would ensure the betterment of the person. The mind is also considered as a part of Marma healing process.

Marma healing process would divide human body into seven energy channels or chakras and there are minor Marma points that are spread across torso and limb. The points would be having a depth of one inch to six inches.

There are 22 marma points in the arms and lower extremities that are considered as an important point in the body. The chest and stomach have 12 points that are vital to energy healing. The blockages are removed, and this would help in improving mind condition.

There would be a relief from chronic and acute pain that would have been a problem for a person for a long time. Marma therapy is used to ensure that detoxification takes place and there would be an improvement in immunity of all body organs and would help in physiological and neural issues. Marma therapy would help in improving skin tone and texture, and it would help in releasing elements that are needed for good sleep.

The energy levels of a person are controlled using marma therapy, and this would help in mind and body rejuvenation. There would be a treatment for headaches and back pain.

Pulse diagnosis method for treatment

Pulse diagnosis method in English medicine is different from natural treatment method. In English method, the blood pressure is checked, and treatment is based only on that blood pressure result. In natural treatment like pulse diagnosis, the overall health of the body is checked, and 28 different qualities of a pulse are checked in alternative natural treatment.

A fast pulse in natural treatment would mean that there would be excess heat inside the body that may be caused by fever. There would be a cause of inflammation or a possible stress on the nervous system and good experts like Dr. Pankaj Naram can diagnose using pulse and can start effective treatment. A slow pulse system would be deemed as a body that is functioning as sluggish or as cold. There could be problems that are related to blood flow, feet, etc. Weak pulse would show a low immunity, and a strong high pulse would highlight the possibility of blood pressure and other life-related jobs. A slipping pulse would indicate a low digestion that can cause more problems in the future.