3 Effective Methods Of Using Kratom Powder

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Indigenous to Southeast Asia, Kratom is widely known for its exceptional health benefits across the globe. Although it is popular, many of you are perplexed and wonder how to use kratom. It is better to be well-informed before you start its dosage.

Whether you take it in powder form or consume capsules, it’s nice to start off small and then to increase the amount of dosage. However, the most acceptable way of taking it is powder.
Ordinarily, the powder is ingested instead of smoking it. It is mostly suggested to have it empty stomach as it would require higher dosage if it is taken with food. Nonetheless, you can initiate having it with liquids. There are chances; you might not like its taste if you are going to take it for the first time. Here are a few methods of consuming kratom that you need to know:

1.        Making a tea

This is one of the most simple, well-known and used methods of taking the kratom powder. Simply, boil the water with kratom powder, give some time for cooling and strain off the liquid. You can have it in the morning, just like the regular tea you take empty stomach. It doesn’t taste that bad. You can have it warm, though most people prefer it chilled. Your kratom tea may take some time to get ready, which is worth waiting.

2.        Add it to Yogurt or Shake

This is something many people do to avoid the raw taste of the kratom powder. It can also be added to yogurt that can be taken with any fruit flavor. Although it is advisable to have the kratom powder empty stomach for better results, it is fine to have it with some yogurt.

Same applies for the shake. Many users take it with a protein shake or any other flavored milkshake. It is one of the ways of consuming powder form without having its taste lasting longer in your mouth. It is suggested to have it in a little amount just to ignore the taste and not to lose its impact. People often claim its remarkable results when taken with a protein shake, but there are no scientific reasons found supporting the same.

3.        Eating powder

In the ancient times, people used to chew fresh leaves of Kratom. Though some of the vendors still offer live plants, getting one here in the United States is difficult. It is imported in the form of dried leaves as it has a purpose of storing and shipping. Nonetheless, chewing dried leaves is undesirable due to its bad taste. 

The last option is to eat powder directly. If you think it tastes as bad as eating leaves, then you may be wrong. You have to follow certain methods to consume the powder directly which is similar to the consumption of any medicine or capsule.

> Get a glass of water ready to drink right after having the powder.

> You have to take a small amount of it on the spoon, keep your tongue down, and then toss it in.

> Bear in mind not to put it on the tongue but at the end of the tongue where it touches your throat.

> This way, you can swallow it quickly with water.

Remember, it needs a handful of practice, but eventually, you will get the knack on it. It could be the easiest way once you learn to toss and swallow it in 5 to 10 seconds.

People also consume in it the form of capsules which needs an in-depth insight as it is available in various sizes in the market. If you require buying any strain of the kratom powder or capsules, is the right store to buy your desired product.

Do not get disappointed if you do not get instant results. For some people it takes time, and it is certainly not fair to have it too much (Yes, that can probably happen), refrain from over doses. It is worth giving a try but with the patience of seeing its outcomes.

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