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Trouble Building Muscle-Mass? Check This Out

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One of the reasons you've decided to go to the gym is to get some serious gains, but this took place months ago. You take a look at yourself while facing the mirror, and while you do see some improvements, you think that it's still a long road of lifting the barbell, doing countless rows, and exercising the life out of your body.

What you're doing right now might not be wrong, but you might think it's not enough. So take a step back for a moment, and perhaps take a rest day from going to the gym. It might be a painful thought, but at the very least you'll get proper knowledge and understanding of what to do once you get back to those weights.

Optimizing Your Diet

Building muscle starts in the kitchen, and not with a stack of heavy weights. You need to optimize your diet to "feed" your muscles properly. You might even want to lose the standard "3 meals per day" mentality.

Start by thinking about your muscle-gaining goals; Are you currently trying to lose weight, or are you already on your way to having a beefier bod? Feeding your body six times a day is optimal to get the body you want. However, it doesn't mean that you have to eat six large meals in a single day. What you need to do is to split the traditional three meals to accommodate six meal times. In doing so, you can help your body properly adjust to the meals, which is good for metabolism. Furthermore, there's also a higher chance that your body won't store what you eat as fat.

Also, make sure that each of your meals consists of main protein and complex carbohydrates. Aim for at least 30 grams of protein for each meal. Don't go for protein sources riddled with fat; opt for lean sources of protein such as those found in egg whites, cheeses, fish, and chicken breast. As for the complex carbohydrates, there's a broad selection to choose from, include brown bread, potatoes, and brown rice.

Train Hard. Train Smart.

Yes, you can lift heavy weights, but if you don't have the proper form then chances are you risk injury and slow improvements to your body. Remember, when lifting weights, quality will always be better than quantity. Also, the length of your entire bodybuilding session should not exceed one hour, and you should only train one large muscle group once per week.

Splitting your routine to different days can help you get the most out of your exercise regimen. For example, today is chest day while tomorrow is leg day (and never skip leg day).

Using Supplements

Sometimes you need that extra "oomph" in your exercise routine, and we're not talking about having a spotter while you're lifting the heavy barbell. We're talking about supplementing your workout with the best anabolic supplements on the market.

Supplements can help you burn more fat and build better muscle as compared to just doing all those exercises without any assistance. But remember, supplements are just supplements, and you should not replace your meals with them. 

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