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Learn Why Avoid Your Drug-Using Friends after Drug Rehab in Toronto

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Your life will certainly change after your time in drug rehab in Toronto, but you need to understand that the real test of your nerves starts after you have completed your treatment. You will have to avoid temptations and learn to resist cravings to be on the road to recovery. You will have to make some tough decisions to be successful, and one important decision is to cut all ties with your drug-using friends. No matter how close they are to you, they no longer deserve your friendship. There are also many other reasons why you should avoid those friends. For instance:

  • They would not tell you to look for new friends. Many might even feel jealous of you that you have finally decided to live a sober life. They would never tell you that you should stop hanging around with them. Many of them may be using, coming down, looking for drugs, and then using again. Hanging around with those "old friends" is only going to expose you to tremendous temptations, so it is better to stay away from them. 
  • They would not tell you how bad drugs are. None of your old friends is going to tell you that drugs are bad and will kill you. Many of your old friends who are drug addicts would never tell you the downsides of using drugs and they would never agree to stopping their self-destructive ways. Even though they would know they are killing themselves, they would never tell the same to you. This is the reason why they do not deserve your friendship.
  • They would make you wear those old rose-colored glasses again. As they are addicts, they are still denying the reality of their existence and that is why they just cannot tell you anything about the negative sides of your former life of addiction. In fact, they might tell you how good those old days were. They might even tell you stores about how great things were when you two were on the same boat. Listening to those greatly exaggerated and fabricated tales could make you re-think your decision of living a sober life. 
  • They might push you to try it only once. This is another reason why it is better to stay away from those "old friends" after drug rehab in Toronto. If you decide to try it once, you will experience a relapse. This will make all your efforts go down the drain. They would say that they appreciate your decision to quit, but doing it one last time to celebrate the good old days would not hurt. You have to understand that after going through drug rehab, you should strictly stay away from taking one drink, one hit, or one pill. It would never stop there and things will soon spiral out of control. It is equally important to understand that if you start again, it will become much tougher to quit again. Therefore, maintain your distance and stay away from your addicted friends to avoid dealing with that never-ending vicious cycle of addiction. 

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