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Make your dreams come true with IVF in India

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Every individual dreams about parenting his or her child but the major issue of infertility causes an obstacle on their expectation and joy. There are technologies available that everyone has problem regarding pregnancy could be solved. IVF is one of the process of present times. Thus due to Advancement in IVF People are getting good results out of it hence it’s become trustworthy as well.

Surrogacy is quite equivalent process as like IVF process just in surrogacy another women (surrogate mother) carries the baby in her womb for the intended parents.

IVF Treatment is followed by mixing the egg with frozen sperm and forming embryos and injecting the strongest embryo into women's womb. India is a country were lot many people visit from different countries for different purposes .In India medical research and development plays a vital role in treatment. 

In India, Bangalore is best city for IVF Treatment as Bangalore is capital of IT and Technology development. Here in Bangalore, the healthcare infrastructure and facilities are highly developed. You will find exceptionally good IVF treatment at the Best IVF Centre in Bangalore where there are many good and highly qualifies IVF doctors and IVF clinics with a very reasonable cost of IVF treatment.

The IVF growth in India is exceptionally under-entered with addressable request being 9 to 12 times higher than the present growth, even in vast metro urban communities.

Why IVF Treatment in India 
1. Cost
In India the major factor is considered is cost. Here below is the chart of reasonable cost of IVF Treatment in India

As the currency in other countries is high as compared to India. So having such reasonable cost people can visit India for medical tour and get the IVF Treatment 

Rs. 70000 – 90000
Rs. 50000 – 70000
Blood Test
Rs. 20000 – 25000
Rs. 30000 - 50000
2. The second most factor is IVF Advancement and Treatment to be followed in India:
On average 24% of embryos are inserted into women’s womb and lead to live birth. But medical research says that this could be increased to 78% by using new technique by selecting best embryos
for new procedure and better results patient has to go for the ICSI technology assistance in IVF that cost is Rs.1, 50,000 to Rs. 2, 50,000

 -Tripling the number of successful births-
Researchers at the CARE Fertility Group, UK, have developed IVF techniques that are capable of increasing the success rate from a 24% to a mammoth 78%. The new technique is also lighter on the pocket, bringing down the cost of one IVF cycle from £5000 to £750. If you want to know the tips to increase IVF pregnancy success rate
click here.

-Reducing the number of multiple pregnancies-
A single IVF cycle has about a 32% chance of resulting in live birth. To improve the odds, doctors often transfer multiple embryos in the uterus during a single IVF cycle, leading to a high rate of twins and triplets.

This, however, puts a lot of strain on the parents, especially in cases where they’re not ready such an outcome. As a result, multiple pregnancies can cause a severe drain in finances and energy.

That’s why a new technique has been developed called Pre implantation Genetic Screening. This screens out the weaker embryos and keeping only the strong ones, leading to a higher success rate from a single implantation, rather than two or three.

-Egg Vitrification-
We have all heard of freezing the sperm. It’s a common occurrence these days. Now women, too, can freeze their eggs, and the benefits associated with this practice are many. Women can preserve their eggs when they are the healthiest, usually in their mid-to-late twenties. These can then be used at a later date without worrying about the decline in fertility that happens naturally with age.

-Embryo freezing-
This process is similar to the one mentioned above. The main difference is that instead of freezing unfertilized eggs, in embryo freezing the eggs are fertilized with sperm from a male partner or sperm donor prior to freezing. The entire embryo is then frozen to retrieve at a later date for pregnancy.

-Fertility enhancing surgeries-
Procedures like hysteroscopy and laparoscopy can remove polyps, adhesions, fibroids, as Herman’s, etc.  This can improve the chances of conception with treatment. Several of these procedures have been upgraded to be “minimally invasive”, meaning they have decreased recovery time and better cosmetic results.

All these advancements have led to a remarkable increase in the overall fertility rates.

2. Surrogacy by considering law in India: In India rules and regulations for surrogacy is quite different than other countries where intended parents has legal right on their child.

3. Waiting period for consultation and treatment: In India due to availability of centers, doctors and other resource in large volume we can get the consultation and treatment as early as possible after registering for appointment. In other countries as compared to India it takes a long time for doctor’s appointment which is further followed by consultation and treatment. In other countries it require 15-20 days for appointment.

Thus by considering all the above factors it is clear that IVF is important to give rise to the expectation regarding pregnancy and also parenting. Infertility is the major impact causes on the couples and start building a wall in between them, so the treatment like IVF uplifts the chances of successful pregnancy and how India is a preferable destination for medical tourism.

To know more about IVF Treatment and the procedure followed during the IVF Treatment with different aspects considering for successful pregnancy please click here

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