Experiences Steroids and Get Magical Effects to your Fitness

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Steroids, also known as anabolic steroids, are commonly thought to be mystical miraculous substances, many of which suppose that with the help of these supplements, without any additional supplements and serious work, a monstrous muscle building comes - unfortunately, many of those who dare to put weights into the Hand and want to order anabolic steroids after a week of training. Steroids are needed over a certain level but they are not enough to achieve a good result: their role is not large enough compared to other factors that make a champion.

In order of importance: genetics including the tolerance of steroids and responsiveness, nutrition, additional dietary supplements such as protein, amino acids, zinc and other nutrients. There is also regeneration and training. To the first factor is a brief explanation: a bodybuilder with good genetic gifts who is not predisposed to aromatize will not get a Gynecomastia, and especially not suffocate in the many stuff. On the contrary, it reacts well to the funds and will develop quickly - provided the other factors are also true.

Steroids are from our point of view 
Strict biochemistry is now ignored - hormones, mostly sex hormones. Hormone preparations are usually esters of testosterone, or their variants, which are similar to human testosterone but may also be weaker or stronger.

The standard is human testosterone: when a compound is stronger, we are talking about androgenic steroids but we also use estrogenic antagonists or anti-estrogens that act against estrogens, or stimulants, such as HCG, which stimulate testosterone production of the testes, or lymphoid hormone or insulin, or even growth hormone.

The latter are hormones but not steroids! It is also important that the determination of anabolic/androgenic is not entirely true: the effect of a steroid always consists of two components - anabolic and androgenic, the two cannot be separated. The food substitutes that can be purchased at the store are never steroids or doping agents, no matter what the clever ones claim. Buy anabolic steroids online:

On the effects of steroids
Steroids work according to a very complicated mechanism. Their most important role is to increase the protein synthesis in the muscle cells. Even in a small mass, a dramatic enlargement of the muscle mass and a faster muscle build-up, in the case of a proper diet and the additional dietary supplements.

Simply formulated, one can use the food supplements and food much better and above all can use a lot more. Since in the muscle cell the mass growth and the increase of the muscular power depend on very different mechanisms, different steroids can act quite differently on strength and size. In general, however, it can be said that since steroids are also responsible for the creative phosphate synthesis, and the muscle strength increase.

The third important feature is the anticatabolic effect: steroids block the cortisone receptors in the muscle cells, so the hormone cortisone becomes ineffective, so the organism cannot degrade the muscles. Buy anabolic steroids online:

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