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Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in Jaipur

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Androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness is a genetic disease which is transferred from one generation to the next. The causative factor behind the hair loss due to the androgenic alopecia is the DHT (DI-hydro Testosterone), is a catalyst form of Testosterone hormone with the effect of 5-alpha reductase, an enzyme that changes the Testosterone (a male sex hormone) into the DI-hydro Testosterone and causes the hair loss. The hair loss problem due to the androgenic alopecia is of permanent which leads to the baldness issue in a different grade and only is treated with the hair transplant procedure effectively.

Hair Transplant Procedure

The hair transplant procedure involves the shifting of hair roots from the donor portion into the no hair zone in order to cover the bald portion with a head full of hair is called hair transplant. The procedure of hair restoration involves a great sense of aesthetic skills as well as the precision of doing things in such a manner that the patient gets only the permanent hair roots to get the result of long lasting hair roots. This is the skills and knowledge of the Surgeon that how well the are organizing the things related to the making of hairline design, harvesting the hair grafts, placement of hair grafts on the bald portion as well as an extreme sense of putting all the things of the restoration procedure as according to the patients’ own facial profile, age, gender and the last, but not least in the view of their desire and expectations. The procedure of hair transplant in Jaipur can offer you the facilities of the best standard practice of the world’s best Cosmetic Surgeon, which is all assured with the 100% aesthetic output. 

Why is the Worth of Choosing a Surgeon in the Hair Transplant Procedure?

To choose the best hair transplant Surgeon is a prime important aspect of the transplant procedure as it is a step of defining the outcome for long lasting effect. This is the Surgeon who gives you a true value of the restoration by their keen and extreme sense of aesthetic skills. The aesthetic skill is a pre-requisite for the procedure and it is very important that a hair transplant Surgeon should possess this skill to define the true angle and direction for the growth of prospective hair grafts after the implantation procedure.

Making of Hairline Design

The Making of hairline design is all based on the surgeons’ skills and precision because the hairline needs an irregular pattern of zigzag fashion that assures you about the natural pattern of hair growth. The hairline design is what which establish the natural growth of hair and it is also a hairline that offers the aesthetic outcomes which are all based on the Surgeons’ quality of doing the procedure.
Harvesting the Hair Grafts

The graft harvesting technique in the hair transplant procedure does matter and both the quality and quantity of hair graft is all based on the chosen technique as the number of hair graft extraction is only possible via the FUT hair transplant which is an acronym of Follicular Unit Transplant. The expert hair transplant Surgeon only recommends the FUT hair transplant as it has the strength of giving the many numbers of grafts via the strip of the skin and taken as the wisest decision of technique in the hair restoration procedure. 

Placement of Hair Grafts

The placement of grafts on the bald area of the scalp needs an extreme sense of aesthetic balance which a surgeon should possess to offer the aesthetic outcome of the procedure. The placement is a process of implanting the hair grafts in such a zigzag fashion which assures the natural regrowth of hair grafts on the patient’s scalp. The placement is a bit of the making of the hairline’s step and the difference is only in the procedural step as it needs the implantation of hair grafts, whereas the making of the hairline is a designing step which cleared the things that the restoration procedure is an artistic skill more than the scientific step. 


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair restoration is both the scientific as well as the artistic skills, which a Surgeon should possess to provide the natural results of the procedure. It is mandatory to choose the best Doctors/Surgeon in order to sure about the best result and a pre-procedure, exercise is must if you are looking for the hair restoration procedure.

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