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What to Consider Before Buying an ECG Machine?

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The human heart is a very complex organ, so are its beatings and rhythms. A healthy individual is one whose heart functions the way it should. Doctors often use the electrocardiogram or the ECG machine to monitor the heart’s activity. The device basically illustrates the heart’s electrical activity on paper and it’s represented in the form of waves. Then, the diagnosis and analysis of these waves is done to establish the condition of the heart.

So, the electrocardiogram is basically used to diagnose a number of heart diseases using waves. While conducting the test, ECG electrode leads are attached to the body (to the chest and limbs) so that the electrical activity can be recorded. This is how every heart beat is measured, recorded and represented to find out any abnormality in the organ. They are extensively used by cardiologists all over the world as it’s not invasive at all.     

Electrocardiogram uses 

Electrocardiogram is a way to assess the heart condition at a particular given point of time. It’s a powerful equipment to perform regular tests and check whether the heart is functioning properly. Based on the waves and rhythms, cardiologists get to know whether the heart is at its optimal condition.

In general, the electrocardiogram is used in many ways, including -  

·         To detect the thickness of the heart walls

·         To know any instance of heart attack, either the immediate one or the older one

·         Waves help to know the functions of the heart

·         Any type of heart beat variations is known 

·         Any disturbances in the heart rhythm can be found out  

·         A safe and non-invasive way for heart function diagnosis

·         A perfect machine to know any cardiac abnormalities/ problems

Tips to buy an electrocardiogram machine   

So, you know the ECG machine price but not sure how to choose the right one? Many hospitals and clinics face the same issues as they are not sure what features and aspects to consider before buying the machine that fetches them the best results.

Here are some tips that can help make the right decision -

·         You need to choose the bigger available print out sizes with the machine 

·         Bigger ECG papers may be costlier but they are easier to handle

·         Check whether they print out on bigger sheets of paper 

·         Before buying, check whether the machine has a keyboard 

·         A keyboard-less machine won’t give the facility to type in patients’ demographics

·         The machine should have a screen so that the EKG can be seen before printing 

·         Always buy a machine that is able to connect to a PC

·         PC-based machines can print on regular copy paper and can easily integrate into other diagnostic features 

·         Always buy a machine sold with a service warranty as it can save cost when you need repairing

·         Buy only if the machine has a preview screen as this can help whether all leads are working before printing

·         Buy one that supports multi-language interface to enhance your reach

·         Buy one that can store at least 1000 cases for better reviews and analysis of past data as well 

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