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The Most Effective Treatment for Total Hair Loss in Women

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Total hair loss is basically a nightmare scenario for any woman, as she relies on her appearance to maintain a level of self-confidence, and if the person happens to be a career woman, hair loss can be devastating at best. Until a few years ago, wearing a wig was the only solution, and it wasn’t exactly an ideal situation, as one must be careful not to dislodge the wig. It also limits a person, as playing sports and swimming are out of the question, and while wearing a wig might give you an acceptable solution, there is something much more effective available today.

Human Hair Extensions

Many women who have short hair, decide they would like to enjoy a long hair style, and by having human hair extensions fitted, you can bypass the lengthy regrow period and have an instant long hair style. Aside from the aesthetic benefits for a variety of styles, hair extensions are also used to treat hair loss in women, and with a revolutionary micro-beading technique, strands of human hair extensions can be carefully woven into a very fine mesh that is securely attached to the scalp. This is a skilled technique and it can take a few hours to complete the treatment, but with carefully chosen hair extensions, once the system is in place, you can have your new head of hair styled in any way you wish, and you can live a perfectly normal life, as the extensions cannot easily be removed. Swimming, playing active sports and regular hair care are all possible with Human Hair Extensions, and with every situation unique, the treatment would very much depend on the cause and severity of the condition.


Many women are diagnosed with some form of cancer, and in many cases, chemotherapy is the most effective treatment, however, aside from the nauseous feeling the patient suffers, they will also lose all their hair. In such a case, human hair extensions can be carefully secured to a fine mesh that is attached to the scalp, and slowly but surely, the hair extensions can be woven into place. The great thing about having hair extensions is that it will not affect the new hair growth, which will return when the chemotherapy course is finished, and gradually the new hair growth will reach a point where the hair restoration system can be removed, and no one would be any the wiser. If you have been undergoing chemotherapy and are living in Scotland, there is an established Glasgow female hair clinic where you can receive a full head of natural looking hair that will be securely in place and allows you to lead a perfectly normal life.

If you suffer from female hair loss and you are based in Great Britain, there are reputable hair restoration clinics in all parts of the UK, and with a simple online search, you can source one near your home and make an initial appointment, which is usually free and without obligation.

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