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Building Your Career in Medical Billing

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The clerks handling the billing at medical interpret certain medical codes and submit bills to patients, claims with insurance companies, and other agencies providing the medical services.

Billing in the medical field is a practice of payment within the health system and it’s a process that’s used by the insurance companies whether they are providing programs sponsored either privately or by the government.

The highest estimated per year salary of a billing clerk reported by is around $55000 and lowest is approximate $21,680.

Job responsibilities of a medical biller

Medical billers are one of the essential parts in the industry of health care, who ensures to handle all the billing services correctly.

Their daily task includes the auditing the claims and submitting them for the visits of patients and other medical procedures such as diagnosis. If you’re working as a medical biller, it’s your responsibility to make the collections and dues and process other payments.

According to the laws, medical billers aren’t required to appear for any exam including CMRS, RHIA, or others. They keep check of all the bills that are owed to providing the medical facilities. Usually, the medical billers maintain a record of orders and invoices. The payment records of the patients are also maintained by the medical billers and they don’t have to work independently on all the records and payments.

Education and skills required to become a medical biller

If you want to choose medical billing as your profession, it’s important for you to be familiar with all the terminologies used in medical, as well as the insurance codes. You’re also required to have excellent communication skills and experience of customer service and support.

You have to complete a course of certification in the field that takes less than a year because some basic knowledge of medical coding, human anatomy, insurance billing, and medical vocabulary is necessary for you to learn.

Applicants who prefer jobs in medical billing must have knowledge of practices and the procedures that are relevant for the field. This knowledge is usually learned during the practical training or job.

There’s no requirement of any particular educational qualification. You just need to have a good training and a course like an associate’s degree in biology, chemistry, mathematics, or computer from any recognized training institute.

Salary info

As reported by, the average salary of a medical biller is around $34,189. This is the latest salary as per the reports where the medical billing professionals are responsible for collecting and analyzing the data of a number of employees working in several organizations.

There are basically four major factors responsible for contributing to the salary differences and that are as follows:

• Certificate Type
• Employer
• Location
• Experience
Final verdict

From the above-mentioned salary of a medical biller, opting it as a career has a lot of benefits. There’s a demand for this profession in the present days. If you want to build your career in this field, you simply have to attend a course and training and you’ll get the desired salary for your job.

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