Fentanyl Addiction: Important Questions about Fentanyl

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Fentanyl addiction is a reality in today’s world and it has affected countless of Canadians in the previous years until now. There are basic things to learn more and understand about fentanyl and how this opiate drug could change your life in an instant. The best weapon against fentanyl abuse and dependence is the substantial knowledge about the strong and potent narcotic. There are fundamental questions that need to be answered regarding fentanyl and why Fentanyl addiction is a pressing and alarming issue in Canada today.

Most Important Fentanyl Addiction FAQs

Unmasking the true face of fentanyl is the first step towards defeating the evil that this prescription drug results in when taken with improper dosage and formulation. Take a look at some of the most important FAQs about this opiate derivative:

What is fentanyl?

Fentanyl is an opiate derivative that is manmade or synthetic. It functions as a painkiller especially for patients suffering from breakthrough pain. This type of pain is severe and chronic and has gone beyond the opiate barrier. Breakthrough pain is experienced with low-dosage painkillers no longer work or provide effects. The potency of fentanyl is 100 times higher than that of morphine or heroin.

Is fentanyl addictive?

Fentanyl addiction is a reality because long-term use of this opiate drug can lead to addiction and tolerance. The drug interferes with the body’s response to pleasure through stimulating certain areas of the brain, particularly those that are in charge of the pleasure and reward systems. Fentanyl users that have developed tolerance to the drug need a much higher dosage in a more frequent interval just to get the sensation or feeling of pleasure and high from using the drug.

What are the side effects of fentanyl?

One of the most common and popular effects of using fentanyl is the sense of pleasure or euphoria. Fentanyl addiction gives users a kind of high and that sense of relaxation, however, this is only for a short period of time. The feeling of depression is quite inevitable especially in the stage of coming down from the effects of this opiate derivative.

Are there possible treatments for fentanyl?

Just like any other types of addiction, fentanyl abuse could also be remedied through various treatment options. Fentanyl addiction treatment starts with the withdrawal process which is a prerequisite of the main treatment program. The medical detox depends on the needs of the client based on the results of his initial assessment. Detox from fentanyl is carried out in a residential inpatient setting with supervision from licensed and certified medical professionals. The detoxification process is administered with 24/7 monitoring and supervision since the withdrawal symptoms could be too severe and dangerous without professional help. Once the system is cleansed of the substance, the client can then proceed to the treatment process.

Knowing the basic facts about fentanyl is the starting point of enjoying a drug-free and healthy, normal lifestyle. Fentanyl addiction is a serious problem but there are also initiatives to put an end to this problem such as rehab programs.

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