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Sleeve Gastrectomy- A Minimum incisive surgery that gives you splendid results!

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Modern advancements in technology have guided us into the era of advanced medical sciences that has made many of the non-curable diseases into curable. The developments in industrial automation reduced the physical activities of humans along with modified food system has also led to the Obesity which in turn can be simply defined as increased body weight. Now various methods of workouts and food control awareness are being followed by the people to get back to healthy lifestyle. When an individual is overweight it would increase the risk of various diseases like diabetes, cardiac arrest etc. In such extreme cases, immediate reduction of weight is needed. These excess body fats have to be removed surgically. Gastric sleeve proves to be an effective method.

What makes sleeve gastrectomy preferable to open surgery?

The stomach plays a major role in digesting the consumed food particles. It mixes the food with the digestive juices that reduce the food particles into minerals that are needed for the human body. Increased consumption of such food particles increases the fat contents that are stored beneath a layer of the skin. This, in turn, leads to overweight.  The fastest method to reduce the body weight would involve surgery. In a normal surgery, it requires larger incisions on the skin and involves greater loss of blood and which also requires longer medication and care. And it also affects our normal physical activities. What could be done as an alternative?  The alternate would be the Sleeve gastrectomy which involves the laparoscopic method of surgery or minimum incisive surgery. The major difference in this method is that it could be done with the smaller incision on the skin with the help of a device called laparoscopy. What is a laparoscopy? A device with which the incision is made to perform the necessary medical procedures is called laparoscope. Thus it involves lesser surgical area and lesser pain, with these technology sleeve gastrectomy is performed.  This technique reduces the medication period and as it involves minimum incision technique it results in smaller scars and is less painful when compare to open surgical method.

Sleeve Gastrectomy – Diabetes and Cholesterol controller!
Sleeve Gastrectomy also reduces the possibilities for occurrences of other diseases. It reduces the type 2 diabetes by 45-58%, and High blood pressure by 50%, it reduces high cholesterol by 77%. This method has proven to be more effective in weight reduction by 66% when compared t the open surgical method. With blood pressure and cholesterol under control, it avoids the possibilities for cardiac arrest. Once the surgery is done, then the care must be taken while consuming food for the first four weeks. The first two weeks only liquid food items have to be taken, followed by the semi-solid food items for the remaining two weeks. Before moving to the solid food items corresponding doctor’s advice is required. Due to the surgery, the body weight would have been greatly reduced so it might cause some hormonal changes and might lead to mood swings. In such cases, balanced vitamin intake would be helpful. Thus Gastric sleeve would result in a healthy and balanced life.

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