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There has been increased intake of drug in USA and it is necessary in order to detect and prevent the drug users who are addicted to it. The process of drug testing helps you to identify who is consuming drug regularly. The drug testing is classified into various types based upon the types of samples taken for testing. The samples include saliva, urine, blood test and the hair. The saliva drug testing helps to detect the drug present in the saliva. Below are the some facts about saliva testing to be known.

Where it is used?
Saliva drug testing is mostly used in common places like homes and work places. The drug abuse in common workplaces may lead to many negative effects on both the employer and the employee. Usually employers make use of saliva test in order to detect the drug abuse of the employees as they are non- invasive and it can do on sight also. The employers conduct the saliva test at many situations for example before employing the candidate and after sometimes accidents in the workplace. They also conduct these types of tests in a regular manner or sometimes randomly.

This test can also use in home by the parents in order to check the youngsters are addicted to drug abuse or not. Most of the parents prefer this type of test since children will not have a chance to spoil the sample.

Most of the drug abuse can be detected by the mouth swab drug test. So it may be performed during the time of accidents to know about the accident whether the accident occurred due to drug abuse or not. This is the most effective way of finding drug abuse of drivers. These tests are also conducted in courts on prisoners in order to find if they are under the drug abuse during crime period.

How it is used?
Mouth swab drug test is very much easy to use. A swab is placed between the lower cheek and the gums of the person to check about two minutes. Most of the swab drug test kit makes use of immunoassays to detect the drug. When the amount of drug present in the sample below the concentrated level then it is called as antibody is not saturated. Therefore the reaction occurs between the kit and the drug protein conjugate which shows the visible colored line. When the level of drug in the sample is above the cut off range then the antibody is saturated and there will be no color line. So that the presence of color line indicates the absence of drug abuse and the absence of color line indicates the presence of drug abuse. From this one can very easily identify and understand the result of the saliva test.

Types of drugs it detect:
A saliva test usually detect the commonly drug abused which includes

Multiple amounts of drugs can also be detected during the time of saliva test. Multi panel service kit serve you this purpose and it also saves much time and money.

School managements, parents, employers and some other organizations can use the saliva test in order for the below benefits.

Ø  Ease of use – The saliva test can be done very easily. The sample also is taken very easily by this type of test. And it does not require large number of tools and it can be taken from any places.
Ø  Cost effective - The saliva test is cost effective as it has only small kit and it use only saliva sample. While compared with the hair test and the blood test the saliva drug test kit is very cost effective
Ø  Fast result –You can acquire accurate and fast result by using this type of kit. This can provide you the result within 10 minutes.
Ø  Detection period – The saliva drug test usually detects the most recent drug abuse. This may also provide result those who consume drug of about before two hours of time. This can minimize the regular drug test in common work places and in home. This is the most effective method.

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