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All Important Facts about the Kidney Transplant

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Kidney transplantation is an age-old process which doctors have attempted with courage and patience. A patient initially diagnosed with kidney failure won't need to go through the stage of kidney transplantation. But if the condition deteriorates, certainly doctors prescribe the patient to go for the transplantation.

Now you need to discover elementary facts about the kidney transplantation, kidney transplant cost in India, and why do people need to follow the procedure.

What do you mean by kidney transplantation?
Kidney transplantation is the process where an unhealthy dis-functioning kidney is replaced with a healthy kidney obtained from a living donor. As the doctors operate they do place the kidneys in the lower portion of the abdomen, then its attached to the surrounding blood vessels. But doctors need to mindfully placed the kidneys so that it can properly connect to the bladder as well.

In addition to this, eye should be given to the facts that the arteries and veins of the kidney should be perfectly attached to the arteries and veins of the body.

Types of kidney transplantation

  • Deceased donor transplantation: A kidney when removed from an expired patient's body of his own accord is called the deceased donor transplantation. Later on that kidney is fixed in the patient's body who is suffering from kidney failure. But till the day of transplantation, the deceased kidney is restored and is fed with nutrients and oxygen so that it functions properly when transplanted.
  • Living donor transplantation of the kidneys: Well, this type of transplantation takes place when the kidneys from a living body is discarded and offered to a patient with no kidney functioning. After all, this transplantation process is much preferred because it takes much less time compared to deceased donor transplantation. The best part is that the recipient need not spend years after dialysis. One more thing is that in this transplantation process, you can take prior dates with an approval from the donor. Last but not the least, living donor kidneys once transplanted in the patient’s body it starts to function instantly.
  • Pre-emptive kidney transplantation: This type of transplantation takes place much before a patient has to go for dialysis. Despite this fact, at times the transplantation is initiated during the course of dialysis as well, especially when the existing kidneys fail to strain the impurities. These are mostly recommended when there is an inadequacy of donor kidneys, or there is a lack of transplantation centers etc.
What do you need to know about the cost related to the kidney transplantation?

Well, according to the research data about six lakhs of people every year have to opt for kidney transplantation. It is no doubt a huge number that is why private hospitals in India have fixed the ceiling of the kidney transplant cost up to two to three lakhs only. But definitely the cost of kidney transplant in India is a bit high for people from the lower income strata.

Thus, summing up you can see that a kidney transplant is quite safe and no doubt it enhances your life. It not only saves your life, but also brings you back to the normal routine.

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