How to cook Lemon Pepper Chicken?

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Chicken is the most famous, popular and the world's favorite dish. There are numerous varieties and types of chicken dishes already and more and more variations are being brought in. One of the newer yet lip smacking chicken dishes is the lemon pepper chicken. You must have heard of the lemon chicken but the lemon pepper chicken is a completely new dish with lots of variations. Black Pepper and Lemon are renowned for adding lots of flavors to dishes, and they are directly combined and blended to make this perfect chicken dish. Making this dish is a straightforward affair. So let us get straight into the steps you need to take to cook Lemon Pepper Chicken.

Ingredients Required For 4 Servings

Not much things are required to prepare this dish. This is a fairly simple dish to prepare and only requires a few key ingredients for its preparation. These key ingredients include –
     1/4 cup flour
     1 tablespoon Lemon Juice & Pepper Seasoning
     1 pound thinly sliced boneless skinless chicken breasts
     2 tablespoons butter

Time Required

To prepare this great dish, you will need 5 minutes approximately for the preparation and getting things ready. It should take maximum 25-20 minutes more to cook entirely. So we can say that within less than half an hour, your dish will be done and ready to serve, which is great as you will not have to do much hard work to prepare this dish.

Step 1

     To begin with, you need 2 tbsp butter and then you need to melt that butter in a small skillet. Thereafter, you will need to put some pepper in the skillet.
     You can out nearly about 1/2 tablespoon of the pepper on it. After that, you need to lay the chicken breast on the pepper.
     Roll the chicken breast over the pepper nicely and ensure that every bit of chicken is covered with the pepper so that it tastes the same throughout.
     After doing that you are required to squeeze fresh lemon juice onto the chicken and then season the chicken breast with the pepper which is left over.
     The only thing which you need to take care in this step is to cover the entire chicken with lemon juice and pepper to ensure that the taste does not vary from sides.

Step 2

     After the chicken breast is entirely covered with pepper and lemon juice, you can then take it over and then saute the chicken breast for nearly around 5 to 7 minutes.
     Observe it carefully to analyze when it gets cooked.
     After that, you can turn it over to the other side. You can choose to add some more lemon juice if you feel that it has dried off from before.
     Just our some more lemon juice after turning it on the other side.
     After that you can repeat the same process and saute it for another 5 or maximum 7 minutes, or even more until you see that the chicken is cooked well and the lemon which you have poured over it seem to run clear.

Step 3

     You've finally made it. Your lemon pepper chicken is done.
     All you need to do is sprinkle some coriander leaves over it, add some more salt if required and serve it alongside to half cut lemons to have a perfect dish with great presentation.
The Last Words
So this was how you can easily make pepper lemon chicken. You just need a few ingredients and then you just have to mix and match them properly, just saute it round and over and your dish is ready to be served. Enjoy it with your family as you can have 4 servings with it.

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