3 Exercises to Build Muscles at the Comfort of Your Home

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Here are 3 exercises that will allow you to get desired body shape in the comfort of your home, without special gears.

1. Walking and Running 
No need of expensive elliptical or treadmill, just your two legs and a pair of good running shoes. When you concentrate 80 % of your energy on cardio, you will observe a great transformation, stated by Ashley Marriot, a fitness trainer and coauthor of Book “Dump Your Trainer”, in Los Angeles.

“Look at cyclists and runner, they aren’t doing spot training, they just do cardio, she added”, “Most if not all individuals in fitness magazines that have marvelous abs, they are swimmers, runners and athletes; they aren’t doing crunches. They keep their diet clean and get good amount of calorie expenditure through cardio.”

Ashley Marriot a big endorser of one simple trick, just pull your navel into core during your cardio workout. Even when your run, do not just concentrate on cardio, think about abs and pull them in and see an increased strength from that. 

How to Perform

Just try running a slow jog or walking a quick clip for 15 to 30 minutes to begin, increase 5 minutes each week.

2. Squats

Squats are the best workout you can do. It is easier to progress to harder version with time, and in the meanwhile, improve your form for better results.

How to Perform

Stand on your feet and shoulder width apart by putting your arms straight behind your head or in front of you. Start by pushing your butts and hips back and bend at your knees.

Keep looking straight by keeping your chest up and back flat. Keep your back in this neutral position from start till end. Squat down as low as possible and after this pop back to starting point by driving through heels. Your weight should be on your heels.


Pushups don’t only work for your chest, but also triceps, shoulders and core to give you a complete muscle building workout. They are major deal, therefore do not overlook them.

How to Perform

Keep your hand on floor slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and then lower your body till your chest reaches the floor. By squeezing your glutes together tense your abs while you lower and raise your body. To protect your shoulders your elbows must remain close to your sides.

If it is difficult for you, modify it with knees bent slightly while remaining on the ground or start with incline. You can also do same against the wall.

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