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How to sell advocare without being pushy

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It is always one of the greatest fears for any sales people when trying to sell out their products. But how is it possible to sell advocare without being too pushy? Let us explore the many ways you can do that.

1.    Do not be pressured – clear out the pressure

When trying to build a successful business, you need many clients to help you achieve it. This might be your only source of income so you might feel pressured when everything isn’t going your way. But note that this kind of pressure can cause you to make very bad mistakes. Change your mindset and work your sale’s process until it is time to close.

2.    Learn to focus on their problems, not your product

Many customers are not interested in knowing your company, product, or service. They want to know what it will be able to do for them and if it will solve their problems. This approach might take time, but it is effective in the long run.

3.    Get your customers to feel comfortable

Approach your clients with decency, relax when interacting with them, create some sense of humor to get them into the moods, and do whatever you need to do so as to make your customer feel at ease.

Make sure that your prospect is not to sell but to make your customer’s life easier. As a matter of fact, Advocare sells its self but you have to follow the above steps to ensure that you don’t become pushy and obnoxious. 

How to sell advocare

First and foremost please note that Advocare is a Direct Sales company thus you cannot be able to buy products in stores or anyone else but from an Advocare independent distributor. There are a number of ways on how to sell advocare.

Let’s get into various ways you can be able to do so.

1.    Inform your family, friends, and network
Some people feel ashamed to share their new business with their friends and family. This is one of the best and successful ways to build a business empire. This are the right people to cheer you on and give advice.

2.    Organize for home parties and mixers
This is done by inviting friends to your home and having advocare leaders train people about the products, discuss the business, and share testimonies. This home parties are also known as mixers in the advocare business.

3.    By use of social media
The technology today has enabled everyone to connect in one way or the other. Some of the social media techniques you can use is by putting up advocare products on your facebook, Instagram, and maybe twitter accounts.

4.    Three way calls
This is about third party credibility that assists people to connect with the businesses and product value. There might be questions that you may need clarification on or have someone explain what you are saying on phone, this procedure can be very effective

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