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How to sell advocare on facebook

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To think of using facebook to grow your advocarebusiness is a very good idea. So just how can you sell advocare on facebook. Post on your timeline or facebook wall about your experience with the 24 day advocare challenge. To create traffic, you can post a link back to your blog or tag your friends and challenge them to partake in the challenge and give them a link to purchase from your store. You can also post before and after picture just to make it interesting, fun, and exciting.

On facebook there are various social groups that discuss fitness and wellness, try to join as many as possible. Once accepted to join these platforms, post your products there and give a link to every detail. You can also work on sending friend requests to at least 5-10 people and if they accept you as a friend, they will now be able to see your posts some even go to an extent of sharing if they are interesting - creating a huge traffic. When a post you make is liked by your friends, it will also be visible to their friends and network. This will widen your circle of influence in facebook.

How to sell advocare online

One of the most interesting thing is that advocare can sell itself because it is known worldwide- as a distributer it is easy work. Before venturing in selling advocare online, make sense of where you would need to sell it, why you need to sell it, and for what amount you would want to sell it for. Do a research of how much it would cost for shipping whether from your premises or from the company to the buyers home.

When selling advocare, make sure that they are listed in the right categories and also add some result pictures of before and after. Know how to explain the advantages of the products, what they can do, and how to use them to get the desired result. Try to make sure that the information you give is useful to the customer without exhausting them in doing more research.
Post pictures of all the products that you have and selling. Posting up to standard pictures makes buyers more interested. You can make it enticing by posting pictures of package deals from the manufacturer or personal deals. What will attract more buyers is by posting pictures about what you are trying to sell and this should be the before and after pictures.

Keep the communication alive between you and the buyers, this will send a message that you care you do not want bad reviews on your platform depending where you are selling the products from.

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