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When considering personal care, how much time do we really invest in ourselves? If you are like most people, then you’ve noticed the demand for work has left self-care time sparse.. One thing to note is that if we can’t perform in full optimization mode, then our work quality begins to drop. So, taking care of yourself is important and that’s why I am going to discuss a few local Spa’s that offer wellness packages and services to keep you running better than a well oiled machine.

Sabai Body Temple

This Spa describes themselves as a sanctuary that honors stillness, peace and healing–Customers certainly agree! The atmosphere is definitely bold if you are used to a more light airy and modern feel. If I could describe this spa in minneapolis mn, I would say they have a rustic aura about themselves.


What sets this spa apart from others is the unique services they have available. Their wellness services include T’ai Chi along with a few choices in reflexology. They describe their other services as “Spa rituals” which is enticing in itself. Take a look for yourself and see if any of their ritual practices resonate with you.

Men’s Spa Salon

I know this salon targets a specific gender, but how amazing is this place! If you are a man, and haven’t gone out of your way to visit this salon then you need to reconsider pronto. The design and feel of their storefront screams symmetry and certainly implies a manly stature in their choice of decor. What’s I find impressive is that you can find relevant videos on their web page, showing off their skills and assets to their successful business. I always say, If a company doesn’t mind showing off their talent, then they should certainly be a place to consider when needing things done right.


They offer services that can accommodate the “man” body, including things like “manscaping” and “manicures.” The experience here is certainly one of a kind. Upon entering, you are greeted with a hot cup of espresso and offered a shirt to change into for your services. This is too ensure that the clothes you come in with, remain dry, hair and wrinkle free.

Personalization Counts

I covered two of my personal local spa favorites because they truly know how to personalize your experience by offering professional and relevant services in unique ways. Consider doing your own research so that you can find a spa that speaks to your personal style and preferences. Don’t be afraid to visit a couple different shops to see if the atmosphere is right for you. Surely you can relax almost anywhere with the right spa specialist, but if the atmosphere doesn’t fit your style, you could end up finding yourself distracted, uncomfortable and more irritated than before. Taking care of yourself is important, so be sure too invest as much time as you can so that happiness can glow from you and contagiously spread onto others. Good luck and well wishes!

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