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How to make money as a health content marketing writer

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Guidelines for healthcare content writers & freelance healthcare writers to write a blog correctly

I could give you hundreds of tips to write well in a blog but the truth is that you do not need much. If you're starting out new in the field of healthcare writing jobs or online healthcare writing jobs, you need a little guidance to begin writing a blog with the minimum feasible steps that you need to know.
And that minimum viable knowledge is summed up in these 5 points:

1.     Think first about your ideal client: it is useless to write if you do not know who you are writing it to. You need to make the reader feel that you are writing for him, you think of him and that everything you write is intended to solve his life problems. And that can only be achieved by defining the ideal reader.

2.     Give the title the importance that it deserves: the best techniques for writing are that you will not get anything if you do not know how to present your content in the right way. Think about your title and follow the tutorials to create titles that hook the readers.To write a blog, you need professional space paragraphs, add images, use heading tags (H2, H3 etc.) and many other things. 

3.     Think SEO: much of your online visitors will come from Google but if you do not think about it when writing, you will never get organic visitors. Follow the tutorial to write entries like the position of Dean Romero to learn to write for Google.
4.     Link internally and externally: so that your readers do not leave your blog soon after they read your entry. It is recommended that you include links to other articles on your blog. And a great technique to get visitors is to link to posts by other bloggers who will come to see who have bound them and share the post on social media like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

5.     Put a "thinking head" behind your content marketing: it is very common that a community manager is responsible for all the Social Media, and also has health care writing jobs as a copywriter. Often, it is entrusted to this professional or people working autonomously in the online health care writing jobs, without any coordination, synchronicity or direct knowledge of the company. It is preferable that someone performs the function of content strategist and maintain, at all times, an overview of the marketing strategy of content in relation to the purchasing process and the company as a whole.

And now, less reading ... and more writing on your blog!

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