An Insight Into The Airtime Fitness

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The Airtime fitness studio is a real life home of airtime fitness, a revolutionary online fitness program that is changing how they work out. They have opened our doors in Moncton,NB and they are ready to take your Airtime Fitness to the next level. They have classes running all day, with a focus on Plyometrics, strength, and HIIT to get you to be best shape you have ever been. This year started for just $ 79 per month for unlimited classes.

Plyometrics means and its uses:

It is also known as “jump training” or “plyos”, plyometrics is a form of conditioning aimed at created controlled impact and maximum power. This method involves stretching the muscles prior to contracting them and done correctly it increases vertical jump, strengthens muscles and decreases impart forces on the joints. This training focuses mainly on muscle extension to a contraction in a rapid, such as in specialized repeated jumping. Plyometrics are mostly used by athletes, sprinters, martial artists, and high jumpers. Benefits of ploymetrics lose of weight, blast fat and gain muscle power.
Strength training means and its uses:

Strength training is a type of physical exercise. This exercise uses more than your own body weight, weight pull-ups, weight lifting, medicine ball exercises, these are all part of strength training.many other sports use strength training as part of their training, American football, track and field, basketball, hockey, wresting, pole dancing. When properly performed, strength training can benefit and improvement in overall health and well being, muscle, tendon, ligament strength and increased the bone and toughness, reduced potential for injury, improved joint function, increased fitness, increased the bone density, improved lipoprotein lipid profiles.

HIIT means and its uses:

High –intensity interval training (HIIT), is a training technique in your give all-out, hundreds percent efforts through quick, followed by short, recovery periods, intense bursts of exercise, sometime active. HIIT  will get your heart pumping, your lungs working and fat burning mode at the most effective level. HIIT will have you dropping pounds without losing muscle. Benefits of HIIT, quick and convenient, no equipment necessary, increase your metabolism.

Airtime fitness gives the offer:

The unlimited classes for just $79 for per month. The form of Airtime Fitness offered will rotate depending on the time and day. They also have an in home nutritionist available on an appointment only basis and will be offering packages with other services in the very near future.

Refund policy:

They don’t offer refunds of monthly charges. You have invited to a drop into up 2 free classes to be sure that the airtime fitness studio is right for you. You may cancel your membership at any time with no penalty, but you will not receive a refund for the current month.


They take precaution to product your information, when you are submitting sensitive information via the website, your information is protected both online and offline. They collect sensitive information, that information is encrypted and then transmitted to  us in a secure way. You can verify this by looking for a closed lock icon at the bottom of your web browser, “http” at the beginning of the address of the web page. The severs in which they are stored personally identifiable information are kept in a secure environment.

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