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Some Unknown Facts Of Radon Gas

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It is having a last place in the group of noble gases. It is one of the heaviest gases and is radioactive as well as inert by nature. It has no color, it is phosphorescence when cooled at the freezing point. As the temperature falls down, it becomes yellow in color. Fluoride is formed when the fluorine reacts with the radon. Inhalation of radon results into various health problems. According to the Environment Protection Agency, it has resulted into 20000 lungs cancer. It is the collection of Uranium mines. If the air is having more than 4 pci radon, then the suitable action needs to be taken for the same. There are 20 isotopes of radon out of which R-226 is the common. It emits alpha radiations. There are various sources of radons.

When the radium is decayed, radon gas is produced. In every mile of soil, 1 gram of radium is found. Some amounts of radons are emitted by the radium. Every one part of radon is equal to 1 * 1021 part of air. It can be found in the spring. Radon can be used in the hospital in order to treat the diseases such as cancer. Hospital pumps the radon from the source of radium and seals it in the needles. Seeds can be obtained directly from the suppliers itself. It is mostly found in the low lying areas such as the basement of the house. It cannot be detected easily. The symbol of radon is Rn. The atomic number of radon is 86. When cooled below the freezing point, it emits luminescence. Its melting point is -95. It is the densest gas. It is risky to the health. There is emission of radioactive gas which is called as radium emanation. Its density was figured out in the year 1908. The common decay was of the two elements thorium and the uranium. When the radium is decayed, it produces the gas called as radon. When the radon gets decayed, it produces a radioactive element called radon daughter. The particles of the radon gas can reach in the building. It is very much common in the basement. It is the contaminant of the indoor gas. There is high incidence of the lung cancer. It is the second gas that causes around 21000 of lungs cancer. In the year 1940 – 1950, there was more radon radiation in the air which was increasing the chances for lungs cancer. 

The chances was very much high among the miners of uranium. It is more common among the Czech Republic and in the US. Thus the mine ventilation over hauled due to this. It is mostly found in the hot spring water and various other types of spring water. Thus, the above mentioned are some of the features of radons that differentiate it from the other types of noble gases. It is one of the dangerous gases causing health issues which are needed to be dealt with.

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