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Midbrain Activation: Unveiling the Potential of the Brain

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In our childhood we have seen movies and read about superheroes that could see through a wall or could do fighting blindfolded and wondered how did they do so? The science behind this is the midbrain activation. Midbrain or Me encephalon is the central part of the brain responsible for controlling the functioning of the left and right side of the brain. When a person is in his initial age i.e. in the childhood, the midbrain functions well. However as the child grows the functioning of the midbrain gets slower and after the age of 5 most of the individuals’ midbrain do not remain active. In this blog, we will talk about how the midbrain is activated and the midbrain activation result that is helpful to the children.

Process of Midbrain Activation

As discussed above, the midbrain is the central part of the brain responsible for managing the left and right side of the brains. When we are children the midbrain continues to be active. However as we age, the functionality of the midbrain slows and at least ceases. In the absence of the midbrain, the right and the left brain compete with each other on order to become dominant. 

When a person’s left brain becomes dominant over the right brain, the person becomes good at solving problems. The children, whose left brain is more active, tend to be good in Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, and Science. These children have a high IQ. On the other hand, the children whose right brain is active tend to be good at performance, arts, and are outgoing. These children have a high EQ. 

Midbrain activation plays an important role in order to create a balance between the right and the left brains. Once the midbrain gets activated, both the brains will be balanced and the communication will be done inside and outside. After midbrain activation not only the memory is increased to an extraordinary level but other skills like attention, thinking strategy and creativity are also enhanced. 

Midbrain Activation Result

The benefits or the results that the children get after midbrain activation is:

·         Enhancement in the absorption capacity of the mind
·         Perfect balance between both sides of the brain.
·         A balanced combination of IQ and EQ.
·         Increased self-confidence and focus
·         Increased memory power.
·         Improvement in the way of planning, creating & imagining.

Midbrain activation is becoming the need of the hour. With increase in competition and the need to excel, it has become necessary to possess extra knowledge and skills. Majority of parents across the globe are getting their children enrolled in these programs in order to enhance their skills and overall personality.

Midbrain Activation India

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